Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Final map

OK, job done. You can see result by clicking on the above image. This one is going to be the main campaign map.

Now, it's time to produce a suitable set of campaign rules. As already written here, I'm working on a Seven Years War campaign in Bavaria by Wes Rogers of http://www.angelfire.com/wa/rogerswhome/index.html, who has kindly granted me permission to alter his ruleset at will. I have no aims to write out an entirely new ruleset, but to produce a description of specific amendments and adapted features -just enough to allow myself have a coherent booklet for help and reference. Once the game is started, I'd be supposed to follow Wes Rogers' booklet for any matter not listed in my own description.

It shouldn't be discarded that a properly edited PDF booklet with a definitive campaign ruleset might be published later, into the Desperta Ferro! wargaming guides series (and in fact I'd love to). Some day, I'll be asking Wes about this subject, on the basis that the resulting booklet would figure as co-produced and co-authored.

But not today, for the priority now is keeping work on my What-if-land's birth ruleset. I expect to have it completed in a few days. Afterwards, I'll have to create OOB's, besides of selecting a simple and nice ruleset from Free Wargames Rules website, and little else.

The day past tomorrow, I'm meeting with my gaming mates to prospect their eventual interest in helping in the campaign management. And yes, I've already chosen a solo automatic orders generator, just for case.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Finishing the campaign map

The campaign map is virtually finished. I have enlarged its scale, better outlined the Principality northern border by the side of Andorra, improved its colours palette and changed a few hexes terrain type. Afterwards, a couple of rivers (the two major ones, Ebre and Segre), roads and towns. These last features' icons have been taken from the Not by Appointment website templates library, with some additional artwork. As you can see, there are 4 different town icons, respectively representing Major and Minor Walled Cities, Towns and Fortresses. The icons have been assigned from the basis of population estimated census of the Catalan towns at the start of 18th Century, according to several achademic works. On their side, roads have been copied from a real 17th century French map of the Principality, so that the whole represents quite closely the Catalonian roads net at that time. I have only omitted a few, for considering them irrelevant to my game. Now my first issue is to take a decision about two matters:

1) Should I add each town name to the map? -take as an example the image at right.
2) I am doubtul about adding a few rivers else to the map. Those already depicted would be unafordable unless by road, on a town hex or the 2-3 hexes closer to the spring, but this wouldn't be the case for any further river I'd include in map (Noguera Pallaresa, Mòdol, Llobregat, Ter and Tet). Should I add them?

I am already working on a campaign ruleset too. I've chosen a Seven Years War rules set in 2007 for a Bavaria campaign, which I find to be appropriate enough for my purposes. It was found at http://www.angelfire.com/wa/rogerswhome/SYWBavaria2007.html by googling around. The ruleset itself is to be adapted a bit, of course, in matters such as population attitude and reactions, Coronela and Sometent urban and rural militiae, troop types (for Miquelets must be explicitly described), and a few things like that. I am quite satisfied with the results so far, maybe in one or two weeks' time I'll be able to show them to you.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Campaign map draft

Well, I've finally managed to manufacture an acceptable map draft of the 1713-1714 projected campaign; it shows the whole of the Principality of Catalonia, including Roussillon and Andorra. It must be completed yet, but as a first "mute map" draft it seems appropriate enough. In the next days, I'll be improving the profile of northern border by Andorra, and draw the Principality main cities, towns and fortresses -between 2 and 3 dozens of them, I guess-, as well as roads. As you can easily imagine, the colours used stand respectively for - blue: sea, green: open ground, khaki: broken ground, brown: mountains, dark brown: impassable (higher peaks).

If I'm not wrong, appropriate icons for cities and fortresses can be found at one of the Emperor vs Elector websites -just now, don't remember which one, so that I'll have to search for it; as soon as I find the site, I'll be asking the author if permission is necessary to use them on my maps.

My next post, final map and/or first thoughts on campaign rules.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Birth of a Nation (or not)

This blog has been created with the purpose of showing, step by step, the gestation and birth of a new Imagi-nation (ie, a fictional country set in the 18th century for wargaming purposes, just as those in the Emperor vs Elector community), from the basis of recreating a military campaign that actually occurred in the last stages of War of Spanish Succession, and creating the new Imagi-nation afterwards, accordingly to the campaign aftermath -whatever the result.

I'm referring to the Two Crowns' 1713-1714 campaign for the submission of Catalonia, which I'm planning to re-fight since its very start -i.e. since the withdrawal of Imperial Army from the Peninsula in July 1713 until a still uncertain end.

Development of this project will be a bit slow at first, for it's my aim to build it in several stages, as explained in these posts on another blog of mine. My very first step is going to be writing eventual thoughts, ideas and plans for setting the campaign and ruling it -this is is the reason for I guess it will result hardly exciting at first. Nevertheless, if everything goes as expected, I'm sure it will be growing more and more in dynamism.

It's still unknown to me whether the campaign will have to be carried in a solo way or not. In spite that some friends of mine have already suggested being invited to game any of the battles, I suspect that all this is to be essentially a solo adventure. However, I would warmly accept any kind of suggestions, either about game mechanisms, rules and management, or about strategy of the Armies as well as events of the campaign itself, once started.

Sure that some eventual suggestions might eventually result in real challenges to "my" Imagi-Nation success -even a little "stress", but I believe it would contribute to make this an actually exciting adventure, no doubt.