Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Birth of a Nation (or not)

This blog has been created with the purpose of showing, step by step, the gestation and birth of a new Imagi-nation (ie, a fictional country set in the 18th century for wargaming purposes, just as those in the Emperor vs Elector community), from the basis of recreating a military campaign that actually occurred in the last stages of War of Spanish Succession, and creating the new Imagi-nation afterwards, accordingly to the campaign aftermath -whatever the result.

I'm referring to the Two Crowns' 1713-1714 campaign for the submission of Catalonia, which I'm planning to re-fight since its very start -i.e. since the withdrawal of Imperial Army from the Peninsula in July 1713 until a still uncertain end.

Development of this project will be a bit slow at first, for it's my aim to build it in several stages, as explained in these posts on another blog of mine. My very first step is going to be writing eventual thoughts, ideas and plans for setting the campaign and ruling it -this is is the reason for I guess it will result hardly exciting at first. Nevertheless, if everything goes as expected, I'm sure it will be growing more and more in dynamism.

It's still unknown to me whether the campaign will have to be carried in a solo way or not. In spite that some friends of mine have already suggested being invited to game any of the battles, I suspect that all this is to be essentially a solo adventure. However, I would warmly accept any kind of suggestions, either about game mechanisms, rules and management, or about strategy of the Armies as well as events of the campaign itself, once started.

Sure that some eventual suggestions might eventually result in real challenges to "my" Imagi-Nation success -even a little "stress", but I believe it would contribute to make this an actually exciting adventure, no doubt.


Bluebear Jeff said...


Welcome to the wonderful world of 18th century "Imagi-Nationeering".

One suggestion that I do have is to remember that just because the Imperials have withdrawn does NOT mean that everything is going well for your opponents. They will have difficulties cementing their power elsewhere. Don't give them a "free rein".

On a more mundane note, you might want to alter your color choice for "links". The grey on green background is pretty faint. Take a look and see what you think, but I vote for something that will stand out a bit more.

-- Jeff

Soldadets said...

"Bentrobat", Jeff (Catalan expression literally meaning 'well-met', used as a response to a 'welcome' -that is, to a "Benvingut").

Your suggestion is right, I have in mind to define a number of personalities for both sides and establish some simple reaction mechanisms for them face to unexpected situations. These might include some of the last Austro-German garrison commanders, and this might result in a number of surprises for the Two-Crowns invading forces (a few of them where actually accused by the French to secretly inform the Catalans in advance about their withdrawal, so allowing them to take their positions before the Franco-Spaniards arrived). This is in fact some kind of overlapping with RPG, which I'd like to test in a moderate way.

About the weblog interface, there is a lot of improving job still to be done, so that some changes are to be essayed yet. However, I've already tried a different colour combination for links, as you suggested. Hope this meets general taste.

abdul666 said...

let me cheer this first post on 'Defiant Principality'!
Indeed one can breathe life into one's Imagi-Nation at many different levels, from RPGed key individuals (I remember the thread you initiated on TMP about 'Pulp adventures in the 18th C. ') to strategic campaigns involving many non-military activities.

Now, since your are 'Pigmalio' (a better omen, and by far, than Frankenstein!) and the 'Defiant Principality' your Galatea, what about Gatalunya :) ?

Best wishes,

Bluebear Jeff said...

That link color is fine, sir. Thank you.

-- Jeff

Soldadets said...

Jean-Louis, I couldn't repress a smile when reading your post. True, I had in mind my prior vague ideas about 'Pulp in the Age of Reason' while writing here about RPG overlapping. But there are some collective events I'll be in the need to bring out, too: reaction of population face to unexpected events, for example. What do you do when a dragoons/miquelets detachment is looting your granaries for the third time in half a year? Are you going to shut up, or call the local 'sometent' militia for help instead?

Funny, your comment on Galatea. If we went a step beyond, we might call it 'Galatia', and let the vice-roy have as name 'Pigmalió'... However, I'm no more worrying about this for a time. While the 1713-1714 campaign is being played, I'll use real names for every country and character. The campaign aftermath itself will for sure indicate me what direction to take, from that point on.

Nel said...

The history if Catalonia is about to begin, let's see how it evolves this time! :-)
I hope that, despite our common point of view, you'll umpire fairly for all sides.

Since I'm Valencian, I feel involved in this war too. And it's a bit odd that in a few days we'll pay homage to our troops (defeated by the Spanish-French army in Almansa:

You said you'll use historical characters.
May I ask you to use Basset ( and some of the Valencians who continued fighting, were exiled or died in Spanish prisons?

I'm very interested in the system you'll play.
I'd use the Mythic GME. What about you?
Will it be purely narrative, or are you going to play some wargames?

Anyway, I'll read this blog intensely. :-)

Soldadets said...

Nel, thanks for your comments, they're most encouraging :)

General Basset is to have a role in this story, of course. Albeit a not so active one as you might desire, for in the 1713-1714 campaign he was appointed as Artillery General in Chief, besides of having the Artillery Regiment at his direct charge. Such an employment in a defensive war is not going to be the most exciting one -although it was crucial.

The 1713-1714 campaign itself is to be essentially a wargaming one, with strategic movements on a map, alternated with tactical clashes to be solved mainly by miniature gaming. It needs a campaign rule set to be appropriately managed, as well as an Age of Reason battles ruleset too, for individual battles.

However, I expect to have a little room to experience other kinds of gaming too: specifically, 'pulp gaming' and/or RPG.

Managing a fictional country in an alternate historic period allows you to imagine it as a background for almost any kind of game you imagine; that's what I would create an Imagi-Nation for.

Salvador said...

Both @ Msr. Jean-Louis and Msr. Vilalta: one strong hypothesis for the origin of tha name "Catalunya" is "Gotholonia", for "land of the goths", referring to the visigoth realm in the Narbonensis and Catalonia, and maybe to the goth/frank inheritance of the original catalan counties. So Gatalunya (Gatalonia) couldn't be more appropiate. Congratulations Msr. Jean-Louis for your intuition.
@ Msr. Vilalta: I've already sent you an email with a SLIGHT variation for a historical event which could have had a deep impact in the campaign, and which is not a difficult one to imagine. In fact it could perfectly have been that way in "our" history. I won't spoil it by telling here, in fopeful wait that Msr. Vilalta finds it both entertaining, viable and interesting enough to include that chance and then let the campaign evolve from that point. Also, I'm more than willing to participate in those refights; in fact, I'd do clad in my catalan uniform if possible!!