Saturday, April 24, 2010

Campaign map draft

Well, I've finally managed to manufacture an acceptable map draft of the 1713-1714 projected campaign; it shows the whole of the Principality of Catalonia, including Roussillon and Andorra. It must be completed yet, but as a first "mute map" draft it seems appropriate enough. In the next days, I'll be improving the profile of northern border by Andorra, and draw the Principality main cities, towns and fortresses -between 2 and 3 dozens of them, I guess-, as well as roads. As you can easily imagine, the colours used stand respectively for - blue: sea, green: open ground, khaki: broken ground, brown: mountains, dark brown: impassable (higher peaks).

If I'm not wrong, appropriate icons for cities and fortresses can be found at one of the Emperor vs Elector websites -just now, don't remember which one, so that I'll have to search for it; as soon as I find the site, I'll be asking the author if permission is necessary to use them on my maps.

My next post, final map and/or first thoughts on campaign rules.

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