Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Final map

OK, job done. You can see result by clicking on the above image. This one is going to be the main campaign map.

Now, it's time to produce a suitable set of campaign rules. As already written here, I'm working on a Seven Years War campaign in Bavaria by Wes Rogers of http://www.angelfire.com/wa/rogerswhome/index.html, who has kindly granted me permission to alter his ruleset at will. I have no aims to write out an entirely new ruleset, but to produce a description of specific amendments and adapted features -just enough to allow myself have a coherent booklet for help and reference. Once the game is started, I'd be supposed to follow Wes Rogers' booklet for any matter not listed in my own description.

It shouldn't be discarded that a properly edited PDF booklet with a definitive campaign ruleset might be published later, into the Desperta Ferro! wargaming guides series (and in fact I'd love to). Some day, I'll be asking Wes about this subject, on the basis that the resulting booklet would figure as co-produced and co-authored.

But not today, for the priority now is keeping work on my What-if-land's birth ruleset. I expect to have it completed in a few days. Afterwards, I'll have to create OOB's, besides of selecting a simple and nice ruleset from Free Wargames Rules website, and little else.

The day past tomorrow, I'm meeting with my gaming mates to prospect their eventual interest in helping in the campaign management. And yes, I've already chosen a solo automatic orders generator, just for case.


Jordi said...

Lluís, falta Figueres!!!!!

De fet el pas "normal" de Perpinyà a Girona és Figueres. La fortalesa és posterior penso, però el camí segur que no és per Roses.

Soldadets said...

Ha ha ha ha!!!!

Jordi, ets un crack.

Sí, jo també vaig pensar el mateix quan vaig veure el mapa del segle XVII-XVIII en què m'he basat.

Però no, en aquell mapa la carretera de Girona a Perpinyà no passa per Figueres, sinó que torça cap a Palamós i Palafrugell, puja a St. Pere Pescador passant per Verges i després va resseguint la costa de l'Empordanet, fins a Roses i, d'allà, a Cervera, Cotlliure i Elna.

La fortalesa de Figueres és posterior, sí: dels anys 1740-1750, de l'època de Ferran VI, fill de Felip V.

Jordi said...

Cony... i no seguien la via Augusta?!!!

Salvador said...

Could you produce, or delegate its production, a higher detail map?
I mean, this map could be made a template to put over a real world looking one (do you get my point?) to publish after turns are done, or to show where actions have been fought. That map could have higher detail in the form of named rivers, smaller towns and that. So you have a working map and a showing one; I think it would look great both for people interested in the events and people involved in the campaign. I know it's just more work, hence the "delegating" part of my first comment.
Always at your disposition, Msr. Lluís. Salut!

Soldadets said...

Salvador, I understand your suggestion and ensure you to have been thinking about it. But I'm still uncertain about which solution to apply in the end.

Maybe it would be nice using original 17th-18th century map printings for illustrating the campaign chronicles, while the hex grid map is used strictly for managing the campaign -that's only a thought.