Sunday, April 25, 2010

Finishing the campaign map

The campaign map is virtually finished. I have enlarged its scale, better outlined the Principality northern border by the side of Andorra, improved its colours palette and changed a few hexes terrain type. Afterwards, a couple of rivers (the two major ones, Ebre and Segre), roads and towns. These last features' icons have been taken from the Not by Appointment website templates library, with some additional artwork. As you can see, there are 4 different town icons, respectively representing Major and Minor Walled Cities, Towns and Fortresses. The icons have been assigned from the basis of population estimated census of the Catalan towns at the start of 18th Century, according to several achademic works. On their side, roads have been copied from a real 17th century French map of the Principality, so that the whole represents quite closely the Catalonian roads net at that time. I have only omitted a few, for considering them irrelevant to my game. Now my first issue is to take a decision about two matters:

1) Should I add each town name to the map? -take as an example the image at right.
2) I am doubtul about adding a few rivers else to the map. Those already depicted would be unafordable unless by road, on a town hex or the 2-3 hexes closer to the spring, but this wouldn't be the case for any further river I'd include in map (Noguera Pallaresa, Mòdol, Llobregat, Ter and Tet). Should I add them?

I am already working on a campaign ruleset too. I've chosen a Seven Years War rules set in 2007 for a Bavaria campaign, which I find to be appropriate enough for my purposes. It was found at by googling around. The ruleset itself is to be adapted a bit, of course, in matters such as population attitude and reactions, Coronela and Sometent urban and rural militiae, troop types (for Miquelets must be explicitly described), and a few things like that. I am quite satisfied with the results so far, maybe in one or two weeks' time I'll be able to show them to you.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Most of us are not really familiar with Catalonia, so I would be in favor of adding the city names.

As for the fordable rivers, I'm of two minds. Yes, they will add some delay time as for movement, but they would also add to the clutter. On the whole, I think I might be hesitant to add them.

By the way, I notice that there are no roads to the northwest population points, nor to a few on the coast. Is this deliberate? or an oversight?

-- Jeff

Nel said...

> 1) Should I add each town name to the map?

I'd add all of them, for you don't know which cities will be relevant or where turning points will happen.
But maybe using a smaller font, so that you don't saturate the map.

> 2) I am doubtul about adding a few rivers else to the map.

Will they be relevant for movement?
If not, those lesser rivers are not needed on the map.

> I am already working on a campaign ruleset too.

Whichever you choose is fine as far as you feel comfortable with it and it lets you play the story the way you wish.

But I guess the overwhelming task will be picking up, defining and placing the NPCs for every faction.

Soldadets said...

Jeff and Nel:

1) OK, I'm going to essay including town names in map.

2) I'd prefer not to overcomplicate the map too, so that supplementary rivers will be omitted. In the end, most of them might be considered fordable along multiple points.

Good point about roads, Jeff. Yes, there was a road running along the northwestern section of map, but it run SW-NE (i.e. from Aragon to France) and did not connect that area with the rest of Catalonia, so that I believed it irrelevant. Same for the northern coast road. Even in contemporary times, connection with that area is granted by interior instead of coastal routes (for it's a quite cliffy and rough area, the so-called "Costa Brava").

About characters, Nel: don't worry, I'm specially concerned with eventual work overloads. Most wargame rulesets use to require some commanders' outlining, but only the data strictly necessary: Performance/skills, Attitude/morale and sometimes Charisma. Beyond these data, only a few "special characters" will be profiled in depth -and only when they're required, never in advance.