Monday, May 03, 2010

Current status

After the map, it's now the turn for me to work on the campaign rules, a preview of which can be read in this PDF draft. Not complete yet, though.

Do you believe I am going in the right direction?


Salvador said...

Although I suppose you're still working at it, I don't remember an (extensive, at least, if any) use of catalan militias by the 2 crowns side, while I think there were news of hostility towards bourbon troopers and fear (more than respect?) for catalan ones. So maybe bourbon players should have to buy the use of militias or just the raising of catalan units while catalan players would just activate those units. Maybe some kind of point mechanism for activation/raising would solve the problem, with an inbuilt difference in favour of the catalans. I mean, the unrest should go in catalan's favour, but they should have to buy that unrest in order to activate new units resulting from that same unrest. And then they should have to make a special effort to raise new units, while bourbon players should have to bring them from the outside, or to make an extraordinary effort, or just to enforce their raising. Also, it would be nice to observe a kind of mechanism to regulate desertion, again with an inbuilt difference, favoring bourbon soldier defection and catalan commandment defection. All these items could then be worked into one system to summarise all of them, or to be able to check every one of these factors with one table... You know, some kind of PIPs like DBM ones...

Soldadets said...


Although unlikely to happen, Two Crowns forces must be granted a minimal chance of using local militiae. This will be managed by a few diplomatic mechanisms controlled by the so-called 'Unrest Index' -you'll see what I mean when my campaign rules draft is finished.

At present, these are nearly finished, I must only complete the reinforcements general mechanics... In a few days, I'll be able to show it to you all.

tidders said...

Greetings and felicitations from the Kingdom of Wittenberg

Welcome to Europa and the world of Imagin-nations

-- Allan

Salvador said...

Great I'm willing to see those rules. Msr. Vilalta this project of yours has caught my attention full time! :D

Soldadets said...

Hi Allan! Hope you all enjoy this new Imagi-nation!

As you've probable noticed, 'my' story is to start with a military campaign set in 1713-1714 -that is, a few decades before Europa 'current' time.

I was planning to ask for participation in the campaign of any Imagi-nationeer, in spite of the existing time delay, for it might allow them to give a background to their 'current' strategies/diplomacy, in function of the actions performed by this one or that other in that war of the 'past'.

I mean, it might be fun for someone to be given a chance for 'retro-active' inter-actions between their respective Imagi-nations in a not too long past... or even to condition 'in advance' my own Imagi-nation 'future' diplomacy, alliances and so...

Well, let's stop musing about and get it started soon -at let's see what happens...

Archduke Piccolo said...

This looks to be a very interesting campaign indeed! What is especially attractive about it is its self-containment - the strategic scope is quite easily manageable; but I also like the complicating factor of two neutral but interested parties with problems of their own.
I was wondering if you had anywhere outlines the regular forces available to the factions.

Soldadets said...

Ion, thanks for your comments, hope it all works well once started.

I believe that your question has been answered in my latest entry to the blog: I've also made an initial OOB for all the 4 involved sides, which is available for download from a link in that post.

All of these OOBs are product of some speculation, although all likely according to historical data.