Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mustering for Glory

11-18 July 1713

...However, the Catalans were far from calmly waiting for the Two Crowns troops to enter into their cities, or from cheering them with a waving handkerchief in hand... In the image, it can be seen General Prado while carefully watching the bulk of Catalan Infantry troops maneuvering on the plains close to Barcelona.

Along with the long-living Regiments of Diputació General and La Ciutat, four additional, just formed regiments are showing their skills to the examining General. There were, with red flag, the Aragonese braves of Concepció Regt. followed by the fearsome Valencians of Desemparats Regt., with their distictive orange flag in front; or the Navarrese and Castilians of the Santa Eulàlia Regt. too, honest men who had chosen loyalty to their own homelands' rights before the Bourbon King's one. All of them had chosen to share destiny with their Catalan brothers in arms.

"Would they keep such a brave attitude if they knew the truth about what is really coming towards them?", mourningfully thought Prado while waving his hat as a salutation to his men. Of course, that wasn't the entire force they had at hands, but... Yes, the St. Narcís Regt. was about to be completed, with ranks plenty of Austro-German veterans, as well as the Dolors Regt's Frenchies -Huguenots many of them- or the dreadful, stubborn men of the former Royal Catalan Guards... Oh yes, but... How many enemies will have to face each one of them to prevail?

"It won't be any easy, my Lord. Any easy", thought Gen. Prado again, while an ancestral, fierce war cry deafeningly sounded all around the plain, simultaneosly roared by four thousand throats:

-...Sant Jordi i Aragó!! DESPERTA FERRO!!!

[Apologies to my gaming mate Jordi Prado, whose undoubtfully "heroic human" size has been unsuspectedly reduced to some scarce 15mm by the Imagi-Nations mysterious Magics... Wish him the greatest success against my inexhaustible Two Crowns' legions!]


abdul666 said...

Proud troops, staunch fellows -hope it will suffice: Desperta Ferro!!!


Here in the Schwabian Leauge your dispatches are read with a growing concern for your Principality. As a collection of small states threatened by a larger state, we feel a kinship with you. Being far removed from your area of opperations, we offer moral and financial support for your defense.
With the military situation worsening here our military is filling the ranks from the peacetime establishment as fast as possible. We have a good supply of muskets and some spare cannon should you need them for your expanding forces. Be assured that we supportyour struggle and wish to provide what aid we can.

General Leopold Tiberius Flatsburg
Schwabian Leauge Defense Minister

Fitz-Badger said...

Brave little army! Grand Thidwick, Ballyfoole, and Gunderland wish the Defiant Principality all the best!

Jordi said...

It was not a good idea to send the military deputy against the main borbonic force, but politics are politics


The lives of these troops are enhanced to be facing such a deadly foe - the uniforms look very well direkted too.