Saturday, June 26, 2010

New Ordinance on Civilian flags at Sea

Deeply concerned about the high significance of ensuring worldwide knowledge and respect towards Catalan sea traders and voyagers, the Permanent Deputation of this Principality's Parliament has agreed official enactment of a standardized new set of flags to be flown at seas by civilian vessels, either commercial or leisure.

It has been judged appropriate to restore the traditional red-and-gold flag of the Crown of Aragon to its former dignity as representative of the whole Nation at sea, by establishing it as the new Civilian Ensign of the Principality, which is to be flown at every Catalan ship's stern flagpole -or, if such a device not existing on board, on top of the vessel's mainmast.

Reduced versions of the Ensign above (that is, with only one, two or three gules pales on gold, instead of four as standard) are explicitly authorised in lesser tonnage ships, such as fishing boats, cabotage cargoes and yachting ships. Such reduced versions are also authorised on higher tonnage vessels, provided these are used only on lesser hierarchy poles, and the appropriate standard 4-pales flag is also flying on the ship's stern flagpole or mainmast.

Those civilian ships explicitly authorised by This Parliament to private war actions enterprising by means of a Carte Blanche or Lettre de Marque shall compulsory fly a special Ensign version including the St. George's Cross Parliament Seal, as shown in the attached top image. No other ships than those above are authorised to fly such special Ensign, so that any ship flying this Ensign, or exerting violence against other vessels, without the appropriate appointing Lettre de Marque shall be considered as guilty of a crime of piracy, with no regard of the Nation the attacked vessels belong to.


Fitz-Badger said...

nice, simple, and believable!


...and also an excellent idea - wouldn't want any friendly visiting warship to open up one of those 'friendly-fire' broadside situations, would we?

Or would we? Who can say, not EYE...
target practice is an essential drill at sea after all...

Bluebear Jeff said...

I like them, sir.

-- Jeff