Sunday, July 04, 2010

1713 National Flag Act

Last week, the Parliament of this Principality passed a new Act regulating the design and usage of flags, which not only deals with a new official design for usage on land, but also confirms the Ordnances passed by the General Deputation some weeks ago for usage on sea, as well as those of the Junta de Guerra, or War Board, regarding Military Flags (*).

According to the above mentioned Act, it has been established a new National Flag for usage on land, as well as the corresponding variants to be used depending on the person or corporation flying it:

Any individual citizen, or private Institution or Society is allowed to fly the National Flag in its Simple or civilian form, which consists of a 3:2 rectangular piece of cloth, horizontally divided in two equal fields, yellow and red; being these the traditional colours of every State belonging to the Crown of Aragon.

Inversely, the State Flag is reserved to Organisms, Representatives, Estates, Properties and Fortresses belonging to or depending on the Crown, and no other person or Institution is allowed to use it.

As an unique exception, the Parliament of Catalonia and its General Deputation will enjoy a flag of their own, showing the Saint George Seal of these representative Institutions. This flag is to be flown on any Estate, Property or Fortress belonging to or managed by them.

(*) [Eventual Military Flags regulated in 1713 by this Imagi-Nation War Board are to be fully coincident with those actually used by the real 1713-1714 Catalan Army, so that I'll be sparing you the corresponding post ;) ]

[Just for curiosity, I've learnt that the just enacted National Flag of this Imagi-Nation is the same one used by the actual Principality of Andorra until the French Revolution]

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Salvador said...

This ImagiNation is getting more solid with every post of yours Msr. Vilalta.
And this national flag is perfect for a future regiment of grenadiers on foot of the guard! (Remembering the Reials Guàrdies Catalanes of not so long ago...)