Thursday, July 08, 2010

Commitment from Exile

Barcelona, 20th July 1713

On this day, Valencian and Aragonese citizens in Exile, belonging to the Three Arms of their respective Kingdoms' Parliaments, which had been abolished in their homelands by H. M. Philip d'Anjou decrees, have gathered in assembly in Barcelona, so legally instituting themselves as Parliaments in Exile of the above mentioned brotherly Kingdoms. The first resolution passed by each one has resulted in the delivery of written words to the Parliament of Catalonia expressing their full adhesion to the Cause of Freedom advocated by this, as well as an appealing to this Principality's faithfulness in accepting to continue these Kingdoms' memory, corresponding in Justice to the reciprocal, inseparable union of this Principality with them --"as established centuries ago by our common Kings of the Crown of Aragon, ancestors to our S.C.C.R.M. [Sacred Caesarean Catholic Royal Majesty] Emperor and King Charles".

Accordingly to the reception of such letters, and while in the wait for the next gathering of this Principality Parliament, its General Deputation has resolved the assignment in rental of a building in Barcelona city to each of these Honourable Institutions, so that it becomes possible for them to hold their natural activities in an appropriate environment. Besides, it has been authorised to these Institutions the use on Catalonian soil of a distictive flag of their own, in the same terms and conditions as those granted to the Parliament of Catalonia itself.

[Similar adhesion letters did actually exist, although naturally conformed to the real Historic situation; they were delivered on June 15th and 16th 1713, some two weeks before the formal declaration of War At All Costs by the Catalonian Parliament. So that, from a legal sense, such declaration was made not only in behalf of the Principality itself, but of the whole Crown of Aragon instead, empowered as this Institution was by such written words. That's what I desired to symbolize with this thread. A contemporary copy of such letters can be read (in Spanish language only) at 1713-06-15-representacio-aragonesos and 1713-06-16-representacio-valencians.]

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