Thursday, July 01, 2010

A nasty first week

Lleida, 18th July 1713

The Aides-de-Camp of the Spanish Bourbon headquarters at Lleida -the main city in western Catalonia-, looked at each other with a resignation sigh. Definititely, this was not the best humour's day of their commander in chief, Duke of Populi. He had been getting progressively more and more angry as reports and dispatches started arriving.

-It's unbelievable! ...Are you telling me that an entire Dragoon Regiment has withdrawn face to a mounted gang of bandits? What kind of incompetents do we have in this army?
-But Sire... the enemy Regim... ehem... the bandits gang was followed by a whole Infantry battalion, and one of their most reputed generals was commanding them. They had no other chance, unless risking to get literally enveloped.

-Stop, that's all about this regrettable affair -sharply interrupted the Duke-. One of their oustanding leaders, you say? Who's he?
-The Marquis of Poal, Sire. They seem to be heading north, towards Castellciutat fortress.
-Well, I want our northern army despatching one brigade in pursue of that man. That force must consist of Dragoons, Cavalry and three Infantry battalions. Understood?

-Oh yes, Sire. However...
-Well, er... the fact is that in rearguard, the city of Balaguer has revolted. The populace has slaughtered our garrison there and taken control of the whole city, so that maybe that army will be forced to regain it, otherwise they risk to become unsupplied.
-WHAT? Balaguer??
-Yes, Sire.

Duke of Populi shut up and looked upwards. That was very bad news. Balaguer city had strong walls, strong enough to force them setting a formal siege. That would mean investing not less than three Battalions in the operation. If another detachment was to spend their time in the Marquis of Poal hunt, that would lead to a forced stop the offensive's northern wing. He then soundly sighed.

-Ehem... there is something else, Sire -the stressed aide whispered.
-Humm... what?
-Well, it's been reported that our southern corps has had to face an unexpected problem. The Imperial garrison in Tivissa town has rejected transferring control of it. Not only this, our troops have been shot, engaged and expelled by them.
-¡¡POR LAS BARBAS DE BELCEBÚ!! Imperials?? -the Duke exclaimed.
-Yes, Sire.
-Word must be immediately sent to Court in Madrid, with no delay. His Majesty has to be acknowledged of this Imperial treachery. Im-me-dia-tely, do you understand?
-Yes, Sire.

-What about the French? -then the Duke asked.
-They've had to face a couple of revolts too, Sire. In Girona city and Sant Feliu de Guíxols town. However, situation seems to be nearly under control in both places.
-Lord! What a nasty week! ...and we've just started, no else...


abdul666 said...

We are starting to spread rumours that privately Philippe claims it's not ready to renounce to succeed to Louis XIV if -as it would be likely- Louis XV is still an infant and the French Kingdom put in Regency. It's not unlikely, will not hurt and probably convince the Frenchto keep their military activities to the minimum.

Jordi said...
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Jordi said...

No, it has been a better week from the one we waited for. We expect that montecristian diplomatic efforts where enough to keep the French troops quiet.

Lluís, the link of Sant Feliu is broken.

Soldadets said...

Sorry, I was writing an answer to your messages, but I've received a 404 error when posting it :(

Soldadets said...


I had written that your rumours look like a canonical definition of the actual alliances re-arrangement briefly happened among European powers just after Louis XIV death, until Louis XV felt his crown secure enough on his head! :D

I also apologized for not having scenified our legacy's landing in Mont Cristo yet, arguing that I'm the need to proceed step by step in a chronologically likely sequence, so that individual characters and overall military actions are more or less encompassed. "Poc a poc, i amb bona lletra", as we say here in Catalonia (="Step by step, and with good lyrics"?).

It wouldn't be good trying to accelerate my scenes and vignettes posting rhythm either, because doing so would be counterproductive for me, besides of boring for eventual readers -who are not expected to be impatiently waiting for new releases, but simply intersted in just taking a look from time to time, so that I gues they most surely would prefer fewer, better done postings.

If nothing goes wrong, I'll be resuming Marquis of Vilana's adventures next week -just before loading suitcases for my July holidays!! This way, I'll be leaving with everything ready for our 2nd turn.


True that your Catalan HQ have performed quite well, but don't get euphoric so soon, for we have just completed our campaign 1st turn/week, and the real one lasted up to 14 months!! -with no seasonal Winter rest! ...there is much to happen yet.

Salvador said...

Beautiful. Your campaign is turning like a nice piece of story to keep one's eyes on, and it's very thrilling! Thank you Msr. Vilalta!