Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Ready for a 2nd turn, but...

In less than one week's time, this weblog is to be temporarily closed for a 3-weeks holidays, that my wife and I will be investing in unveiling the so renowned Tanzania's wonders :)

However, I wouldn't like to leave for holidays without having set the basis for our 1713-1714 campaign second turn, so that, in agreement with my gaming mate Jordi (who is currently leading the Catalan/Galatan Army in the campaign), we've already written orders for our respective fiery columns. Besides, I have rolled dice on Mythical GME tables for our various Playing Characters, so that the main trends of each one's immediate fate are already known by me.

Therefore, in the few days left before leaving, I'll be starting some threads related with this second turn, either showing military moves or narrating Character scenes. Please have in mind, however, that the turn will be deliberately left uncomplete, so that eventual battles won't be resolved until my coming back, for example.

Just a few thoughts about the campaign development itself:

1) As some of your may probably have noticed, I'm not considering the Character dice rolls as to be compulsorily followed, but just as an inspiration source to help me imagine their adventures amidst the chaos of war -i.e. some kind of vague guide of each one's next trouble. Maybe in a future I'll have to better exprime Mythic GME, and follow the storyboards drawn by the dice in a quite more accurate way, but I'm still feeling comfortable enough with my current freedom of action -therefore, I'd guess that an eventual method change is not imminent.

2) I happened to find a perpetual calendar website, which can produce the complete calendar for any year between 1501 and 2500 AC. As in our campaign each turn corresponds to 1 week, I checked our turns chronology with this website, and it resulted to be slightly displaced with respect to actual chronology, so that I'll be modifying it. This way, if our first turn had 11-18th July 1713 as title (Tuesday to Tuesday, in fact), this next turn will be entitled as 24-30th (Monday to Sunday), so that it fully matches with real weeks. If anyone interested, that website's URL is www.eldiade.com. It supports Catalan, Spanish, English, Italian and German languages, which can be selected through an option on the top bar. To obtain a yearly calendar, you must first choose century (top left; Roman numerals, so that 18 is XVIII), and afterwards select the desired year in the century.

3) Please excuse me for not publicly publishing yet the campaign rules used; the reason is that we're still continually questioning and testing them, as well as trying to refine them with some additional stuff -such as a summary Naval operation chart, for example. Due to things like this, eventual amendments are still likely to appear in the few next turns, so that any published version might be obsolete the next day. We were especially unsatisfied with our current open field battles alternate resolution system (I mean, those encounters we're not to resolve with miniatures for whatever the reason), so that in the end we'll be using an adapted version of the Europa Universalis boardgame CRTs. Besides, I've lately started to muse with the possibility of formally publishing this campaign under the Desperta Ferro! wargaming Guides label, so that a minimum quality level should be required for publishing. Just a thought, though.


Fitz-Badger said...

Have a great trip!

As for changing how you're using Mythic, if what you're doing works for you and you're having fun, that's what counts!

David said...

Have a good holiday and I look forward to more when you return.




...enjoy your break from the front - it wont last forever and dont worry, someone will keep an EYE on things....


abdul666 said...

I don't know Mystic, which seems rather directive, but in 'Setting up a wargame campaign' Tony Bath had a rich system of cards drawing to define the major features of his characters, and independently a (restricted) system of 'chance events' set at another scale (a full country or ruling line). Thus he was able to fully and (relatively) freely 'role play' his characters within the framework of the general campaign events and the occasional 'random' one.
Whatever system you use, remember it's not some Holy Scripture carved in stone!

Bluebear Jeff said...

Have a grand time on your holiday and take lots of photos to share with us upon your return.

Bon voyage, sir!

-- Jeff

Fitz-Badger said...

No fear, Jean-Louis, Mythic is very free-form. The writer/designer encourages people to use it as they like, to modify, adapt, and innovate. He's quite open to variations, suggestions, and to hearing all sorts of ways people use Mythic.