Thursday, August 05, 2010

Imagi-Spanish Nation name Poll

As some of you probably know, the adventure of Galatea's Principality birth has been set in the late War of Spanish Succession, during the lapse of time between Utrecht and Rastatt, as a desperate fight for liberty against their closest, victorious neighbours -imaginary clones of France and Spain, the same way as Galatea itself is a clone of Catalonia.

While the current campaign is on, I'm using real geographical names, but my plans were to mask such historical names once the brand new Principality is born. To my taste it's OK using Gallia for France, a name that has the additional value of being widely used by several other Emperor vs Elector settings.

I am quite more doubtful about which name to give to my Imagi-Nation's Spanish adversary: ...I'm feeling so uncapable to decide which name to choose, that I've set up a poll to request other players' opinion on this matter. Please would you mind to vote and help me decide? The poll box is at the right bar top. I've to say that, despite the poll, the particular opinion of any Imagi-Spanish Nation player would be strongly had into account.

[A strong option might be Scandalusia, a name that seems to be quite often used in other settings, so that it would also have the advantage of using a shared toponymy -just as "Gallia" does. However, such is also the name of an existing Imagi-Nation, and I wouldn't like my musings to interfere with its normal development -unless the Scandalusian player explicitly would, or agreed to]

[Another name often used by Imagi-Nationeers for referring to an imaginary Spain seems to be Eiberia. This one offers the above mentioned advantage of shared toponymy too, and besides it is only used as a Non-Player Imagi-Nation, so that this one wouldn't have the Scandalusian inconveniences; however, I'm not excessively fond of this name]

[Other options might be Celtiberia, Sepharad (the Hebrew name for Spain) or Oldspania, for example. A strong inconvenience for all these, from my point of view, is that none of them has been ever used before by other Imagi-Nationeers -so that if adopting one such name I would break the 'shared toponymy' rule (true, there is no such rule in EvE; but I'd like to follow it, anyway). Besides, the two first names are a bit cryptic, obscure -even some of pedantic...]


Fitz-Badger said...

How about Hispania?

Bluebear Jeff said...

I also thought of Hispania . . . although I don't have strong opinions in any direction.

While there is a poll title, there doesn't currently seem to actually be a poll.

-- Jeff

Archduke Piccolo said...

I like Hispania myself, and Iberia even more, but if these aren't popular, how about something a bit ... grander?
Aragonia-Estramadura or something similar might fill the bill.

Marc said...

Bon dia.

May I suggest you Hesperia? I think it's the ancient Greek term to make reference to the western territories (nowadays Spain and Italy), "where the sun hides". Some scholars seems to point to a relationship between "Hesperia" and the later "Hispania". Anyway, being one of the Hesperides, Hesperia seems to fit with the other mythological names you have used for other territories.

Have a nice day!

abdul666 said...

Scandalusia is a most excellent name on all accounts, but Ken's Imagi-Nation is very different from 'your' Spain.

Hibernia sounds Spanish, of course, but refers to Ireland!

Lusitanica = only Portugal, (E)iberia could refer to the whole peninsula but has the advantage to be an obvious reference - not the case of Sepharad for the average reader, I'm afraid.

Hesperida shares the mythological origin of Galatea, but is not phonetically close enough to the 'real' name (while 'Galatan' sounds almost like an anagram of 'Catalan').

What about Hispania? Too obvious? Yet the reference cannot be mistaken...

Marc said...

Ups! I've just noticed you have used Hesperia for the Kingdom of Valencia. Sorry for the mistake!

Ken said...
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Ken said...

I like the Archduke's suggestion of Aragonia-Estremadura, but I can see where typing it repeatedly might get tedious (ask me how I know...La Union Real de Scandalusia y Cuatrofenia, sigh).

Hispania also has merit, or how about Sepharada?

The history of Scandalusia, for what it's worth, is that old story: Wayward Vikings conquer a portion of the Iberian peninsula, settle down, and are mostly assimilated by the pre-existing culture. :-)

One hears that the current Crown Prince, Joern Carlos, will become a sort of Charles XII figure upon his ascension to the throne. That is a scurrilous rumor, no doubt fomented by vile Stagonians, and I doubt there is more than a grain of truth to it.

ColCampbell50 said...

Thanks to a suggestion from my son, I'm using Asturias as the name for my imagi-Spain in my Capitania General de Florida games set in the southeastern USA during the mid 1700s. Since you are set in the early 1700s, that shouldn't clash.


Soldadets said...


God, how didn't I think of this name before? --Mmm... I do imagine why. It seemed too obvious to me, I guess.

However, now that some of you have suggested it, I'm now realizing that such a name (Hispania/Spain) would follow the same masking algorythm than Gallia/France. That is, re-Latinizing it.

Yes, I do like it! ...I'm including it into my poll option, although it has many chances to be the chosen name in the end, whatever the poll result is!

Jeff: the poll is at top of the blog's right side bar.

Ken: I started using the name of Scandalusia, but soon realized that your own Union Real's settings strongly differed from the Imagi-Spain I needed (which must be closer to the real one). So better for me having in mind, from now on, that Scandalusia is another, different Peninsular country. This would allow future inter-actions, if needed, with no regard of the Galatan-Hispanic particular relationship ;)

Jim: you shouldn't completely discard any future involvement of my Galatea in your Capitania General de Florida affairs!! Let's see what happens once the early 1700s war is over... :D

abdul666 said...

I'd vote for Hispania - but still cannot, seemingly?

Soldadets said...

I've learnt that I can no longer modify the poll, after a first vote is cast :(

My only chance would be deleting the current one and setting a new, extended poll.