Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Moragues joins the fight

Castellciutat fortress, 2nd August 1713

On the southern bastion of the remote fortress hidden among high, craggy mountains, a small group of officers and soldiers stood paying their highest attention to the long and narrow valley extending to them from north to south.

-Look out there, Sir -one of them said, while pointing towards the valley's far south bottom- That tiny dust column straight there.

The alluded, a medium-aged gentlemanly man dressed in the elegant red uniform of a General, raised his spyglass and watched through it towards the spotted place, before finally answering: -Yes, I can see them. It seems a Horse force, but they are still too far to be clearly seen. Do we have any patrol report?

-Yes Sir, a whole Dragoons Regiment as reported. They're carrying black flags. -another officer promptly replied.

-Black flags? -General Josep Moragues, commander of the Imperial fortress of Castellciutat amidst the Pyrenees, put the spyglass aside for a moment, and ironically smiled: -This sounds to something of that damned Desvalls! Gentlemen, these troops are coming from Cardona fortress, and I bet the Marquis of Poal is their commander. Let's open gates to them!

A few hours later, after the just arrived column had been installed into the fort, Lord Antoni Desvalls -Marquis of Poal- went to meet General Moragues: -Dear friend, I'm glad to meet you.

-Thanks for your hospitality, General. I was afraid you wouldn't grant access to my troops, as other Imperial commanders use to do...

Moragues slowly nodded: -Maybe I wouldn't either, a few days ago...

-And so? What has changed in the meanwhile?

-I have just been delivered new orders from Wallis in Tarragona -Moragues then showed to Desvalls a letter headed by a printed Holy Empire two-headed eagle- Imperial troops evacuation must be accelerated. We have no longer to wait for the arrival of any Two Crowns troops to withdraw our current positions. We've been ordered to rush towards Tarragona city, in order to get there before September 1st, when an English fleet will embark us to Naples. It seems that Queen Anne has got hurry to get rid of us now... -he concluded, his lips drawing a cynical smile.

-I see -Desvalls answered- And then, what about this fortress?

-Nobody explained. Therefore, I must understand to have no longer obligations with respect to it. We must leave it completely, as ordered, so that we might leave gates open behind us if desired.

-And the garrison?

-It's the General Deputation Regiment, they're all Catalans. We might understand they've been relieved from Imperial service too. And to be sincere I'm plainly doubtful any of them is willing to get exiled in Naples.

-And you, Josep? Are you leaving for Naples now?

-What!? ...leaving all the fun and adventure for you alone? -both laughed.

[This random event is really good news for the Catalan side. Stopped by the Balaguer population rebellion, the Spanish Army Group North has had no chance to block the fortress and force Moragues' capitulation; this has allowed the Marquis of Poal audacious ride to meet Moragues and convince him (thanks to a lucky die roll) to join in time the cause. As a result, the joint forces of both Catalan heroes have become an unexpected, serious threat to the Spaniards. A first major battle in that area is expectable in a short time, I'd guess]


Capt Bill said...

Interesting times for the people of the two headed eagle...

Salvador said...

That's some great news! I can see Montemar, Popoli and their ilk sweating under their wigs...
We soldiers of the Generalitat Regiment are alqays ready to crush some bourbons!

Soldadets said...

Certainly thrilling, don't you believe?


Salvador said...

For true my dear, and encouraging too! Man, you sure are enjoying this campaign...