Sunday, October 24, 2010

15mm Female Regiment preview

The female Regiment Lady Elisenda was raising is nearly ready, so that I've thought it nice to show you a few shots on their late painting stages appearance. It's nothing of a piece of art, because I'm a real novice at heavy customizing; besides, as these are 15mm miniatures, there is literally very little room for spectacular conversions... However, I'm happy with the results so far, having all these inconveniences in mind.

As commented somewhere some time ago, I had planned at first to build the Regiment using the female Shivan figures of a new Sci-Fi range from Blue Moon but, once the minis on my hands, I had to give up those plans, due to Shivan minis were on the 15mm ranges taller side, so that they resulted hard to combine with figures of other makers. I finally decided to employ Minifigs WSS figures basically, using Shivans for replacement parts.

All the miniatures in the Regiment have been more or less heavily modified. All except the flag bearer have been replaced their heads -mostly with a Peter Pig she-pirate head but also, a couple of times, with heads scratch-built from Shivan heads and Black Hat tricornes. The officer has also been stratch-built from a Peter Pig pirate she-officer's torso and a Shivan's legs. Only one of the minis is a true Shivan, although she has been added a tricorne as headgear -no one has escaped from some conversion degree!

All the Minifigs figures have seen their busts enlarged with a small amount of green stuff, just the same way as hair of some has been given additional volume too, and... well, as a matter of fact there is not any much else to be told! Just take a look on the minis and let me know your opinion, which will be highly appreciated, whatever its sense! BTW, the miniature in a single round base (a 1 euro cent coin, in fact) is a nearly unmodified Peter Pig female pirate officer, who has been added a tricorne hat, no more. I'll likely be using it to represent Lady Elisenda in military costume.


abdul666 said...

Really *great* results!
No doubt a *lot* of work, but well worth the investment -compliments!

Now, about Lady Elisenda herself... ?
(relevant TMP thread)


ColCampbell50 said...

Great job on converting those 15mm male into female figures. The unit looks good.


Capt Bill said...

Very impressive indeed!!!

Fitz-Badger said...

Wow! That is very excellent conversion and paint work there! (and in 15mm!) I like them all, but especially the ones in the greatcoats.

abdul666 said...

since you seem too modest to do it yourself, I posted a link to your 15mm female unit on the TMP '18th C. gallery' board.