Friday, October 08, 2010

Imperial withdrawal

Everywhere in the Principality, 6th August 1713

Following orders issued by their headquarters in Tarragona, all the Imperial garrisons and detachments still scattered around the Principality have started withdrawing from their currently held positions, in place of keeping in wait for their Two Crowns' replacement force to arrive.

Count of Wallis' main purpose is to have all troops under his command concentrated in the Tarragona wehereabouts before September 1st, when an English fleet is expected to arrive in the city with the mission to embark and evacuate them back home; however, in his mind there is also a second, not less important reason: he is determined to avoid any repetition of events like those happened at Tivissa or Castellciutat, where their respective Imperial garrisons had sided with the Catalan Resistance. General Moragues' sides switching was not entirely unexpectable at all, because he and all his troops were Catalans. However, Wallis understood that some kind of empathy towards the Principality might have arisen among his soldiers too, after so many years of fighting for that soil, and the eventuality of similar reactions by any other of his Regiments -either German or Italian- is nevertheless possible. Each one of the precedent incidents had caused some anger at Versailles, and the risk of an eventual break the fragile truce they had been granted was dangerously increasing. Count of Wallis was determined not to afford such risk of having war involuntarily re-started.

This way, the Imperial regiments still remaining in Catalonia have slowly started moving. The first one os the Hamilton Italian Dragoons, who have quietly abandoned Vic town and begun marching southwards. In the meanwhile, the rest of Imeprial units have started concentrating around their own headquarters, ready to leave on next week (=turn): Bagni IR at Tremp, Geschwind IR at Sabadell and O'Dwyer IR at Manresa. On the other side, Tarragona city is already hosting the Farber and Laborda Infantry Regiments, along with a couple of batteries.

In gaming terms, this event means that from now on we'll have on map troops belonging to a third side. Although in theory neutral to the two fighting sides (Bourbon and Catalans), the circulating Imperial units have a risk of being confused with enemy troops by either of these fighting sides, and consequently being attacked by them.

I'm still trying to determine how should this hazard be measured, but I imagine that a small column -lesser than a battalion- is in higher risk to be confused by both sides than a large force -whose displayed Imperial flags would for sure identify them quite well, with little chance of error in case of Catalans (who would identify the two-headed eagle flags as allied, or even theirs own), although with a still high chance in case of Spaniards (who might still keep doubtful even after having seen the displayed flags).

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