Friday, October 15, 2010

Preparing for battle

All fronts, 8th August 1713

In the meanwhile, the Two Crowns' armies were far from being inactive. Expecting some kind of Catalan move from the Pyrenees, the Spanish Army Group North hurried to re-assemble altogether in a single column again, after their rearguard troops had established a solid siege on Balaguer city -thanks to which their supply lines had been restored, so that they didn't need any more to be dispersed for foraging. However, this re-assembly move was not fully in time to prevent a big Catalan column falling upon one of their Infantry battalions, before this later was able to re-join the rest of the army. Besides, the rear column of the Army Group Center also re-joined their advanced troops at Igualada, after their successful assault on Cervera town, and now the bulk of the Spanish Army at that sector was concentrated face to a second Catalan column that had come from Barcelona to meet them -both armies were now encamped some 12 km from each other. As for the Army Group South, they were preparing again for a third, expectably definitive assault on Tivissa town, whose garrison's stubborn defence was delaying their progression beyond all provisions.

On the other side, French troops had visibly reduced their war actions intensity, so that this week they limited themselves to reinforcing the defence devices around Girona city. The captured city defenders were lead northwards, under escort of a couple of Dragoons squadrons.

Hot news: Alarmed and concerned by the unexpected news about Catalan naval actions in the Balearic Sea, both Spanish and French commanders have sent word to their respective High Command asking for naval support. As a result of Marshal Berwick's demands, the Toulon Galley Squadron has already been put in alert, so that 3 galleys have been dispatched to the area along with one privateer, and are expected to arrive in Perpignan in a few days. However, Duke of Popoli's petitions are having some trouble to be fulfilled: the Cartagena Squadron command has no more than half a dozen galleys in good shape, and most of them are currently engaged in actions against Moroccan privateers. Nevertheless, a word of request has been sent to Cadiz Squadron, which is said to still have some ships of the line in good operating condition.

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abdul666 said...

If Monte-Cristan underground diplomacy in the Barbary Coast gains any success, more raids will come from the whole Maghreb, perhaps from as far as Bizercca...