Thursday, October 14, 2010

Re-taking initiative

All fronts, 7th August 1713

Taking advantage of the relative paralysis suffered by the Spanish armies as well as the so far limited commitment of the French command, in this 4th campaign week the Catalans have re-taken initiative and moved before the enemy could react. This way, the Catalans have managed to gather two major armies potentially capable of stalling off the enemy columns they are opposing to, or even defeating them.

At North, thanks to the adhesion of General Moragues and his troops to the Resistance, the Marquis of Poal has been able to form a considerable army in the Pyrenean Valleys, consisting of 2 Infantry battalions, 1 Dragoons regiment, a battalion-equivalent number of "sometent" peasant militia and 2 artillery batteries (field and light). Under his experienced command, this force has marched southwards determined to clash with the Spanish Army North. Close to them, the Cardona garrison (consisting of 1 Infantry battalion, 1 Dragoons regiment, 1 peasant militia battalion and 2 artillery batteries else) awaits for orders to join the advancing column.

At the middle front, General Bellver had blocked the road leading from Igualada to Barcelona with 2 Infantry battalions, 2 Volunteer infantry companies, 2 "miquelets" battalions and 1 light battery, and is waiting for a supplementary reinforcement from Barcelona formed by 2 Infantry battalions else and 1 field battery.

At South, the Military Deputy of the Principality has started his way from Tarragona to the besieged town of Tivissa along with 1 Infantry battalion and 1 Dragoons regiment, just having come into contact with the Spanish Dragoons guarding that route.

At the rearguard, different columns and leaders keep trying to gain effective control of the hinterland, and General Basset has just sailed from Sant Feliu de Guíxols towards Barcelona, carrying with him some 100 French prisoners and 200 horses, under surveillance of a Mountain Fusiliers Battalion. In the meanwhile, Barcelona dockyards have just released another re-formed ship for the Catalan Navy, which is to be known under the name of "Nostra Senyora de la Mercè" (=Our Lady of Merci). Purchased to a Genoese trader with 24 guns, it has been upgunned to 34 cannons before release. Her command has been assigned to Captain Miquel Vaquer.


Capt Bill said...

Lady Elisenda, Countess of Prades, has turned many a head in the Reich Duchy of Beerstein. As a member of the nobility, the President of the Beerstein College of Honors ensured her investment into the Ancient and Honorable Order of the Tankard. It is widely suspected the old rougue has a more than passing interst in this lovely lass...

Soldadets said...

I'll have to recall Marquis of Vilana not to exceed himself in his praises on Lady Elisenda, whom he loves as if a promising daughter...

Lady Elisenda seems to be most excited by this her first award. No doubt that she'll be including a visit to Beerstein in her projected Grand Tour, to meet H. H. William Beerstein (and her lovely wife, of course :D ) once war is over ;)