Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Templates general re-organization

In my latest post dating from yesterday, I introduced a new Catalan/Galatan Infantry Regiment as a main component of the Sardinia island garrison. Surprisingly to some of you, when making a uniform/flags template and including it into my Army List page, I gave it the sequence number 3 and classified it as "Senior High Regiment", apparently jumping some places into the Catalan/Galatan Infantry hierarchy.

The fact is that a couple of weeks ago I was acknowledged about the existance of another Historical WSS Catalan Regiment else -which I had never realized about before, and consequently I had never studied in my booklet Catalonia Stands Alone. As commented in yesterday's tale, after the battle of Almansa (1707), the Austro-Catalan defence lines literally vanished, so that Valencia and Aragon were occupied and a real danger existed for Catalonia to also being invaded by the Two Crowns. To prevent this, a number of units were hurriedly raised by the Catalans in 1708, either financed by the General Deputation, larger Municipalities or individuals. Once the immediate danger had vanished by 1709 or 1710, nearly all of these supernumerary regiments were disbanded again, for their maintenance was too expensive for the empoverished Catalan institutions. Blinded by such generalistic data, I had so far neglected revising each one's particular histories, so that this Regiment existence had passed completely unadverted to me... until a few days ago.

Colonel Llorach's Regiment actually existed, then. It was formed inside Catalonia in 1708 with some 200 Catalan citizens, and was afterwards destined to Sardinia island, where it was completed to full strength with Sardinian naturals and likely put under pay of the Sardinian Stamenti. The unit's second in command was Josep Erill, son of Viceroy Andreu Roger d'Erill. A part from this, all the uniform colours and details in the unit's template are completely fictitious, as speculative are their flags too. The Saint Antiochus name is also fictional, given to the unit for consistance with proper Catalan regiments. However, it still is a Historical unit, older than all the rest of Catalan Infantry regiments in my story, except for the Royal Catalan Guards (1705), General Deputation (1705) and Barcelona City (1706), so that I thought it better to re-form my Army listings to give the appropriate status to this my new acquisition.

I've taken advantage to start a general revision of my templates collection, in order to give them a more "realistic" consistance. Therefore, all the units will be classified after their hierarchy -and this will depend on their actual veteranship:
  • Senior High Regiments: All these units are Historical and were created before 1713. These are the most veteran, "venerable" regiments of the Army. Their Colonel Flags are those closest to the pattern described in King Charles' 1706 Ordnances, and include at the obverse His Coat of Arms as King of Spain.

  • Senior Regiments: These are also Historical regiments, created by the Catalan institutions in June-July 1713 after the Imperial withdrawal. Their Colonel Flags are similar to the above, except that the depicted Royal Coat of Arms is fictional, intended to represent a transitional design of Charles as King of Aragon.

  • Junior Regiments: All the units in this category are fictitious or speculative, created on the way during the current wargaming/narrative campaign. Colonel Flags show a pattern different to those above, with a different arrangement of pieces. The Coat of Arms at the obverse is representing a more fixed design, recovering some traditional heraldic elements of the re-born Catalan-Aragonese Nation, such as the angels supporting the Coat.

Finally, every revised template is also being added a reference to http://nba-sywtemplates.blogspot.com -for it was plainly fair doing so, as well as supplementary notes on their historicity degree. Only a few templates have been redesigned according to this new categorization so far -those of the Guards and IRs 1 to 7. During the following days I'll be progressively re-adapting all the rest.

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