Friday, November 12, 2010

Converging to the plains

All around the Principality, 13th August 1713

Following the strict orders issued by Count of Wallis the week before, the various imperial garrisons of the Principality started marching towards Tarragona city, leaving empty the fortresses hitherto held by them. Thus, Hamilton's Dragoons from Vic town converged into a single column with the Geschwind IR at Sabadell, and came to the whereabouts of Llobregat river, where they crossed with no incidences with a Catalan column heading north. Likewise, O'Dwyer's IR the left Manresa with the intention to converge with the above, but along the way they ran into the large camp of General Bellver's Catalan army, who invited the Imperials to spend the night encamped close to them -an invitation they wouldn't refuse.

These two columns were in good times and running through an area still not ravaged by war, so they marched in a loose column, without too much haste or precautions. This was not, however, the case of Bagni's IR, who from their solitary position amidst the Pyrenees valleys had a long and difficult march, full of risks due to their proximity to frontline. Therefore, this column had to march as if in campaign, with detached forwards explorers and moving in parallel columns separated more than usual, with all their flags permanently flying.

[By the end of our 4th campaign turn, the Catalans have a second xebec at their disposal in the port of Barcelona, but France has already 3 galleys and 1 privateer in Perpignan, and Spain has 2 galleys in Peníscola (a few miles south to Tortosa, out of the map). The female Infantry Regiment funded by Lady Elisenda is ready to pass inspection and become operative for the Catalans, while the Two Crowns have a newly arrived infantry battalion, belonging to the Spanish IR3 Savoy. Our next posts will count as to our 5th turn, from 14th to 20th August 1713]

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