Friday, November 05, 2010

Montblanc town falls

Montblanc, 8-10th August 1713

In the meanwhile, not far from the town of Tivissa where the first major battle in the campaign was being fought, the Two Crowns troops under General Velasco command started a third assault attempt to the town of Montblanc, whose only garrison were the local pesant militia. General Velasco had just been delivered a second infantry battalion as reinforcement, so that his troops were now outnumbering the exhausted defenders by an overhelming 8:1.

As easily imaginable, this time the defenders were overrun with little effort, so that in a few hours the Two Crowns' troops had reduced all resistance to zero. After defeat it was time for retaliations on the defenders, and King Philip's orders were pretty precise at this respect, so that General Velasco accordingly ordered all local authorities to be executed, as well as diezmo de horca practised among the civilian population, with no distinction of age or sex. This time however, General Velasco took good care all the culprits to be assisted by Hispannic military priests "como Dios manda". After gallows' tithe, the once beautiful town of Montblanc was sacked for 2 days and set on fire.

The road to Tarragona city was now open to the Two Crowns' armies.


abdul666 said...

The execution of the defenders and the application of the diezmo de horca to the civilians are revolting: that the Galatans were allowed the Last Rites does not makes the atrocities more 'Christian'.

Soldadets said...

From Philip V's point of view, it was a natural consequence of His will to restore Law and Order in the Peninsula. To him, the Catalan Nation were all criminals, guilty of high treason; and their persistence in crime after having refused surrender, allowed Him to collectively applying death penalty to all them.

Very recent universitary research by Dr. Torres Ribé demonstrate it was deliberately planned as a very early extermination war:

Frightening and sad, but unfortunately not imagi-nated.