Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Regulation Uniform for High Commanders

We've already started preparing our first miniature battle in this game. There isn't a certain date yet, although December 8th seems the most likely one. As posted a few days ago at Emperor vs Elector main site, the scenario we'll be gaming by ourselves is the so-called Battle of Ponts, in the confidence that perhaps someone else in the EvE community will feel curious enough to give a try to our second battle (that one we've called Battle of El Bruc), in a proxy gamed battle. Happily if so happened, we'd be able to resume normal activity at this weblog before Christmas.

In the meanwhile, our storyboards will have to be slowed down a bit; and those I finally post will have to be more timeless than usual, unrelated to the campaign itself -for this is to be temporarily halted until we know battle results.

However, this doesn't mean any kind of activity stop at this weblog -fortunately, there is still a lot of job to be done yet, for completing our beloved Imagi-Nation's architecture!! So that... here you are a first delivery of such kind of background work you seldom find the time to ready up... I've completed a few uniform templates else and have posted them at my weblog Army Page as usual. These new templates are:
  • Hussars Independent Squadron
  • Army High Command (oh yes, I WANT THEM properly uniformed too)
  • Navy High Command (not to be less than their on-land counterparts)
Only this latter one is entirely fictional, for as a matter of fact there is no historical record on any Catalan Navy uniform. Otherwise, Hussars and Generals uniforms are based on actually described uniforms, although with some degree of added musings -like those waistcoats and turnbacks in a colour related to the Arm the officer belongs to, and so... Albeit somewhat adapted by myself, the originals of all these plates must be credited to Not By Appointment (millions of thanks David!). Wish you enjoy them.


abdul666 said...

"Wish you enjoy them."
We do!
The Catalan Hussars are appropriately gaudy: hope they'll fight as well as they look!

David said...

They look very good - excellent adaptation there! :-) And thanks for the credit on the images too.