Monday, November 15, 2010

Some template updating

This weekend I've been updating some of the data on the Catalan/Galatan 1713 Army, in order to have the most templates and/or images on any of the units fighting the campaign. This way, I've been able to add a few templates else, those corresponding to the Coronela Citizen Militiae raised so far by their respective Municipalities (Barcelona, Mataró and Balaguer cities). Some of them are purely historical, others aren't. These units' uniforms and flags boardly follow the most common Catalan/Galatan military trends, albeit not so strictly as regular units; this is especially true regarding to Colonel and Regimental flags, whose designs are somehow different to the Ordnance established patterns.

Besides, I've added photos of another Line Infantry regiment, that one with the official name of IR7 Saint Narcissus -whose popular nickname is German Infantry. As most of my Catalan/Galatan WSS Army units, it has been built using mainly Dixon minis. Except for IR11 Our Lady of Sorrows -a regiment which in our campaign is still in formation process, all the templates depicted on the Army page correspond to units already in service. There are some templates still undone -those of the Hussar Squadrons and Volunteer Miquelets, although they'll be hopefully following in a short time.

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