Thursday, December 30, 2010

Random events by the character

While the Catalan side moves for this 6th turn are being resolved and drawn on a map, I've been thinking about my Imagi-Nation's characters and their particular stories. I've been letting my imagination freely fly so far, with no influences on my scenes other than the military campaign results, eventual readers suggestions and my own thoughts on each character's actions. There had been few general guidelines so far about them, except maybe for young Mireia, Marquis de Vilana and Lady Elisenda, who have admittedly acquired some starring roles. Even in those three cases, however, I really have no detailed storyboard behind, and this can become a real nightmare in some occasions, when you have no inputs or intuitions about each one's next scene.

So that I've thought it would be better to let Mythic GME help me, in a way not that different as explained some says ago about campaign events by the country. Therefore, from now on, at every turn start I'll be rolling a die for each character, with the aim to find out which of them get a Mythic GME event. General mechanics will be more or less the same as for countries. That is, there will be a first 1D100 roll against a probability of, let's say, 10% to obtain an event. For each result equal or less than 10, Mythic GME tables will be checked to find out what kind of event it is. I'll be posting results at this blog, so that every visitor can read and help me decypher them...

Here you are my complete list of characters so far:

1 - Claire Baizanville: 47 ... failure
2 - Count of Erill: 24 ... failure
3 - Diego De Soto: 99 ... failure
4 - Duke of Popoli: 21 ... failure
5 - Fiona McGregor: 23 ... failure
6 - General Prado: 63 ... failure
7 - General Villarroel: 98 ... failure
8 - Lady Elisenda Folc de Cardona: 62 ... failure
9 - Lieutenant Leibnitz: 01 ... success
10 - Loys d'Hauteville: 24 ... failure
11 - Major Ramón Lanuza: 84 ... failure
12 - Marquis de Vilana: 61 ... failure
13 - Mireia Perelló: 84 ... failure
14 - Rafael Casanova: 11 ... failure
15 - Others? 68 ... failure

According to results, it seems that maybe Lieutenant Friedrich Leibnitz might get a special event this turn. Rolling 1D100 against the Event Focus Table, I get 47: "Move away from a thread". Hum. If I roll again 1D100 against the Action Table, I now get 60. Once again, against the Subject Table this time, I get 42. According to tables, this pair of dice mean "Abuse a plot". Well, not the most self-explaining statement in world, don't you believe?

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