Sunday, December 19, 2010


Tarragona, 20th August 1713

Deeply depressed as she was, Mireia made a titanic effort to overcome her intense sorrow and poured into the work of her elders, helping them to prepare remedies and cures, as she had been taught to. However, her only way to meet some kind of inner peace was during her aimless wanderings along the intricate streets network of Tarragona. In one of such walkabouts, Mireia found a half hidden gate in a forgotten alley, which led to a wide boulevard running between the ancient Roman wall and the modern one the British had recently built. The boulevard was well paved and sided by wide patches of grass, with a line of tall trees on each side that provided a pleasant refreshing shade, and Mireia got fond to walking along that road. Sometimes she crossed with soldiers, but they were normally quite busy and did never bother her, so that she felt safe and confident enough to go increasingly often there, despite her mother's warnings.

One day she was delayed longer than usual and reached an area where she had been never before. A large square Roman tower invaded much of the boulevard, making it narrower. Beyond the tower, she discovered an ancient bronze statue on top of a stone column. It was an archaic and fascinating sculpture, depicting a she-wolf nursing two children. The empty basins of the she-wolf eyes seemed to be staring fixedly to her, and Mireia perceived in its inside a strange and powerful presence making her feel disturbed -although not frightened in fact.

She confidently continued her walk without realizing it was getting late, so that the evening got her by surprise in that unknown area of the wall. After finally realizing how late it was, she started to undo the way, but then a gang of threatening men barred her way, staring at her with a disturbing smile on face.

-What are you doing here alone, my pretty?
-Were you looking for some fun, perhaps?

Scared, Mireia tried to dodge them and run away, but one of them grabbed her arm and brutally threw her to the ground. In a matter of seconds, three men had frozen her and lifted her skirt. Terrified, she tried screaming, but one had their mouth firmly covered, while the others started tearing her dress and grabbing her body. She understood what they were about to do and panicked, but this only served to excite them even more.

Suddenly, a terrifying grunt was heard at their rear and the men turned around, just to see how something as black as night threw itself upon them. They had only time to perceive a terrifying pair of amberine eyes before some huge tusks wildly ripped out their throats. For a few brief moments, the night was filled with roars and shrieks of terror.

And afterwards a deep silence.

The scene had been witnessed by someone, however. An elderly gypsy woman saw the shadow switfly going away, leaving three blooded bodies on ground behind. She then observed a terrified, crying Mireia incorporating and running away -so she decided to follow the girl. At the ancient Roman tower, Mireia continued her run without noticing anything, but the woman did: the old bronze sculpture wasn't there.

-Who are you really, girl? -the old gypsy woman whispered, crossing herself up.


abdul666 said...

Enthralling and so well done!
Reminds me both of Lovecraft in his best and of a fantastic poem by Victor Hugo 'l'aigle du casque': -and for me these are enthusiastic compliments.


Soldadets said...

Honoured and grateful for your compliments, Sir ;)

I had this scene in mind for a long since. True it does not reveal yet Mireia's real para-normal powers of her own (if any); but it comes to add a further layer of mystery on her, as it makes evident she's under protection of some really powerful being. Who or what, that's another tale...

Capt Bill said...

Very well written, but a it spooky! I now find myself looking everywhere for bronze statutes...

Soldadets said...

Bill, don't ever bother about bronze wolves... unless you're planning something harmful to gentile Mireia ;)

abdul666 said...

Gypsies are full of unknown threats -or most useful resources for those Gadje who (with great difficulty) gain their sympathy and complete confidence. Their Patron, *St Sarah* they come to worship in pilgrimage every year at the Saintes Maries de la Mer is called in their tongue Sara Kali -yes 'Kali' ('the Black') like the Indian Goddess. We know for sure, in Monte-Cristo, that unknown of the majority of Gypsies themselves Sara Kali has a secret cult as in India - a Thuggee Stranglers / Assassins cult.