Tuesday, January 18, 2011

7th turn: events by the Country

Just to help us put our thoughts in order, we've checked for eventual random events in the rest of Europe before starting our next wargaming turn. Results are to us quite enygmatic -once again:

1 - Ottoman Regencies of Tunis & Algiers: 35 ... failure
2 - Morocco: 33 ... failure
3 - Great Britain & Ireland: 81 ... failure
4 - Netherlands, Flanders & Lorraine: 51 ... failure
5 - Spain (Castile): 55 ... failure
6 - Aragon & Valencia: 53 ... failure
7 - Portugal: 82 ... failure
8 - Naples & Milan: 93 ... failure
9 - Savoy & Sicily: 22 ... failure
10 - Pontificial States & Malta: 62 ... failure
11 - Venice: 48 ... failure
12 - Genoa, Florence & others: 4 ... success
13 - France: 91 ... failure
14 - Austria & Bohemia: 38 ... failure
15 - Hungary: 29 ... failure
16 - Bavaria: 7 ... success
17 - Hannover & Prussia: 98 ... failure
18 - Saxony & Poland: 78 ... failure
19 - Rest of Germany: 44 ... failure
20 - Scandinavia, Russia & Turkey: 6 ... success

Excited by such a high success degree if compared to last turn results (3 possible events! wow!), we've checked against Mythic GME tables the nature of them, and have obtained the following:

12 - Genoa, Florence & others: - focus 24 (NPC Action) - action 78 (Cruelty) - subject 90 (Danger)
16 - Bavaria: - focus 60 (PC negative) - action 10 (Communicate) - subject 57 (Tactics)
20 - Scandinavia, Russia & Turkey: - focus 07 (Remote event) - action 33 (Stop) - subject 71 (A representative)

A bit discouraging, if in the hope to obtain any clear results. It seems to us that the two first events can be neglected, for we currently have no PCs or NPCs in the involved countries. However, the third one gives at least some expectative, because it seems referred to a remote event, with no compulsory participation of any PC or NPC. And this is the point: "Stopping a representative?". Is is that a Catalan/Galatan (or enemy) diplomat has got in trouble in any of the involved countries? A real enygma. Any suggestion?


Archduke Piccolo said...

What is a remote event? Presumably something that doesn't impact upon events in Catalonia. Perhaps that big peasant revolt in the Dniepr valley has finally been brought to a halt; the Cossacks scattering the peasant 'armies' to the four winds; and the ringleaders brought to the gallows in Kiev? How aboput an abortive palace coup in the Topkapi, the Sultan's second son's plot to usurp power having been exposed, and the subject himself impaled? Or was it the capsize and sinking of the Swedish King's new and most magnificent line-of-battle ship, the 90-gun Ruling House of Sweden upon its maiden cruise...?

Soldadets said...

As 'remote events' I understand those potentially affecting the development of our campaign, in spite of no own character is involved in them.

For example, an unexpected natural disaster in Bavaria might affect the latest stages of WSS. Or the death in hunting accident of Philip V. Or a Turkish declaration of war on the Empire.

It would be useless to our game trying to record events by no means related and/or affecting your own Imagi-Nation.

That's what I had in mind, at least :S

Andreu said...

Perdoneu pero el meu angles es massa pobre com per ficar-me a escriure lliurement. Si algú vol traduir aquest post li agraire.

¿I si (prenent el event com una cosa mes generica) un xabec berberisc (turc com a nom comú) assetges el convoi catala que ha sortit de Mallorca? Potser buscant algun vaixell endarrerit ...

Soldadets said...

Our latest contributor Andreu was suggesting a wider sense re-interpretation of the "Stopping a representative" event, in the way of supposing an interception of Lady Elisenda's convoy by a Barbary corsair/pirate xebec.

Such broader re-interpretation gets in direct conflict with the event's focus die roll, which had pre-determined that no Catalan/Galatan character was to be involved in the event itself. However, this eventuality makes sense -from a dramatic point of view at least!!