Monday, January 17, 2011

End of 6th turn

To put to an end this campaign's 6th turn, we were to check eventual civilian rebellions in Two Crowns' occupied towns; however, we've finally agreed no to roll any die for those under Spanish control, in order to simulate the terrifying effect of the diezmo de horca retaliations launched in the latest weeks. This way, we've had to check only the unrest level in towns controlled/occupied by France, with a negative result: no critical unrest index increase among civilians of French controlled areas.

Afterwards, we've also checked for an eventual activation of France, currently at a 10% probability rate, due to the 2 episodes of Imperial troops siding with the Catalans happened so far (Tivissa and Castellciutat), at an individual rate of 5% each. We've rolled 1D100 at and have obtained 22: Duke of Berwick's army keeps inactive. Good.

Another step else was to check for Her Britannic Majesty's health. Here the cypher was at a 10% death probability, at a stated increase rate of 2% each turn. A 1D100 dice roll gives us a 57: Queen Anne's health is excellent so far. Good to Her.

Our latest event to be tested -lately suggested by Jean-Louis-, is health of Maria Luisa of Savoy, Queen consort of Spain. We've assigned to her death an initial probability of 1%, eventually increasing at a 1% rate each turn. Our 1D100 dice roll gives a result of 19, so that Philip V's young wife enjoys an enviable health too. Good to all.

Catalan/Galatan recruitment status briefing: the Regiment currently being raised by Sardinian tradesmen in Alghero city has reached a 6 companies strength. On the other hand, prestige and hard work of Colonel Corradó in Majorca brings as a fruit the enlisting rate acceleration of the 2 regiments he had been commissioned to raise, which currently sum 5 companies altogether.

Last but not least, Sant Feliu de Guíxols town's dockyards have just finished adapting a felucca ship (similar to a xebec but smaller, let's say), which has been upgunned to 10 cannons. It has been given the name of Sant Elm and Mr. Josep Capó has been appointed as her captain. [Historically, he was given command of a captured French frigate but, as in our campaign we haven't had opportunity for such a valuable capture yet, well... better a felucca than nothing!].

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