Friday, January 28, 2011

The new Line Infantry Regiment

Cardona, 29th August 1713

The new Regiment of Line Infantry raised by Marquis of Poal among the male inhabitants of Cardona has been given the name of Saint Raymond Nonnatus, in behalf of the Patron Saint of that town. Appropriate uniforms and flags have already been ordered so that -as you can see by the picture above-, the new unit will be dressed in royal blue with dark orange facings. It will take some time to see the regiment properly dressed and equipped, but Marquis of Poal is persuaded blue-dyed coats' stocks at Barcelona are plenty enough to allow some hundreds to be delivered in a short time, so that only a minimal amount of work will be necessary to adapt them to the new unit's features.

However, Marquis of Poal is still doubtful about which names to propose for the new regiment's command employments. As a matter of fact, his negotations with Cardona Municipality led to assigning its Colonelship to the town's Major; but he'd rather prefer to see a capable professional military in charge of the Regiment on field, so has just sent word to General Villarroel asking for a Lieutenant Colonel assignation to be done. Quite diplomatically, he has suggested the name of Pau de Thoar, a skilled officer currently in Our Lady of Conception Regiment. Let's wait and see results...


abdul666 said...

Seemingly IR 11 'Our Lady of Sorrows' disappeared? Or did I missed / misunderstand something?

The 'new' IR11 with its orange facings is striking: hope it will fight as well as it looks!

Soldadets said...

You're right, Jean-Louis:

The IR 11 "Our Lady of Sorrows" project was abandoned by its promotor, Colonel Corradó, due to a dramatic lack of manpower in the Barcelona area. At that moment, the unit had reached only a 3-companies size.

He was then persuaded by General Prado to accompany him to the islands of Majorca and Sardinia -along with the already enlisted men- for a projected Marine Corps conscription in these lands (

Two companies of that former "Our Lady of Sorrows" regiment have been landed at Majorca island, where they are to form the grenadiers core of two new regiments (one of Marines, payed by the Barcelonese traders' guild; and another one of Line Infantry, under pay of the island's viceroy, Marquis of Rubí).

The third company is still accompying Gen. Prado and Lady Elisenda to Sardinia, where they are to become the grenadiers coy of a supplementary Marines regiment (

Glad you're still so intensively following our blog! :)