Monday, January 24, 2011

The Rescue (4)

Tivissa Range, 25th to 26th August 1713

The group marched overnight with almost no obstacles -except for a patrol of Spanish dragoons, who did not detect them. When they arrived in Hospitalet de l'Infant, they rested for a short while and deliberated to choose a route running through little frequented crags of Tivissa Range. They spent all night in their painful path through a rocky terrain with scarce trees, dotted here and there by thick bushes and permanently swept by a persistent wind. They only stopped twice during their route, while Mireia and the Miquelets discussed what direction to take next. They finally got to Tivissa not too later and watched it in silence from the heights. The town remained quiet and ominous in the dark, its spectral look intensified by the effect of dozens of fires seemengly following its perimeter -they got intrigued by such fires, the largest ones of which were located in front of the village main entrances.

Young Mireia got lost in gloomy thoughts while the group prepared to descend in the town, fattening the muskets in silence. Suddenly, a discordant, tortured howl overlapped the monotonous sound of sticks and wind. At the horrible howl's sound, Mireia violently trembled and had to strive to control a wave of sudden terror. The men would never notice her scaring. When the group restarted their march, Mireia had already recovered her serenity, although she had got fatally certain that something was going terribly wrong.

Amidst a growing horror, Mireia began experiencing apparently unconnected alien feelings whose origin was unknown to her, as if coming from someone else in the dark: first of all, a rapid and intense heartbeat; afterwards an insatiable hunger accompanied by an anxious breath. While the group approached the silent town, she experienced the visceral euphoria from someone (somewhat?) who was about to catch their prey. Nearly certain that something bloodthirsty and brutal was about to fall upon them, Mireia desperately struggled not to panic, consciously following the path marked by her mission mates. And suddenly everything got away from her mind, just while she crossed the fires sorrounding the desolate town. Still puzzled, Mireia had the feeling of emerging from a nightmare and accelerated her steps to join the group, who has already penetrated through the silent streets of Tivissa.


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