Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Clash in the hills

Anoia county, 30th August 1713

While the bulk of Spanish Army Group performed the backwards move they had been ordered, one Cavalry regiment covering their right flank has been taken by surprise, and pinned by, a Catalan Horse column lead by General Nebot himself. Unable to perform a withdrawal due to the enemy Horse superiority (2 to 1 ratio), the Órdenes Line Cavalry Regiment has been forced to seek a favourable terrain to try a desperate stand, while the Catalans swiftly converge upon their position... On the Catalan side, the veteran Nebot's Line Cavalry Regiment confidently advances towards the enemy, supported by Brichfeus' Dragoons.

[I admit this is certainly a bloody hard-to-play scenario, due to -among other reasons- a number of key handicaps for the Spanish player, such as:
  • First of all, a dramatical inferiority in numbers, with just one defending Horse regiment versus two for the attacker.
  • Secondly, their firepower inferiority. According to most rulesets, old style Cavalry is not allowed firefight shooting. Inversely, the Catalan side not only have available a Dragoons Regiment, but their Line Cavalry is also equipped and armed like Dragoons -with a carbine besides of two pistols and a cavalry sword. As a matter of fact, the distiction between WSS Catalan Cuirassiers and Dragoons was merely formal, while their similar equipment strongly suggest a shared fighting tactics.
  • Last but not least: after so many years fighting alongside with a number of British Horse units, Catalan Cavalry was most likely trained according to British new style doctrine, consisting of gallop charging sword in hand -and this is not any neglectable factor.

Nevertheless, there is a fellow gaming group willing to proxy gaming this odd battle, although we have agreed to leave them a wide freedom to alter such a hard starting setup. According to our most recent conversations, they might set a withdrawal scenario, where the Spanish target would consist of achieving the most successful possible retreat, while the Catalan goal would be preventing them to withdraw. The game might be played at a Squadron level, so that the Spanish force would consist of 3 Squadrons -on of which would be allowed to perform as if Dragoons they were-, while the Catalan column would have 6 Squadrons -equally divided into Line Cavalry and Dragoons.

We're still in process of discussing Setup and OOBs. As soon as all is conveniently agreed, we'll let you know.]

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Jeroen72 said...

Hmmm, it seems the Catalans first real victory is gleaming in the distance :)