Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Eventful return

South of the Principality, 31st August 1713

At their return back to Tarragona city after their brilliantly successful raid on the Spanish held Templar castle of Miravet, the expeditionary squad lead by Lieutenant Barceló found themselves with all possible accesses into the city blocked by the huge Two Crowns' army deployed face to its strong walls. As a number of the released Aragonese Dragoons accompanying them were in quite bad condition due to privations and badly cared wounds, Barceló and the Aragonese officer Lanuza agreed to stop at an isolated masia, not far from Tarragona. There the group would have time to rest and wait while some picked men would discretely seek information by the neighbouring villages and towns. This was a necessary condition for them to take a decision on what to do next -given the impossibility to get inside the city.

A not less dificult return trip way was that one of the Imperial Bagni Infantry Regiment. Their march towards the gathering point of Tarragona had been severely delayed by the military operations of both fighting sides, for thay'd been forced to make their way out of the Principality main roads, through rough terrain. They were marching quite slowly due to the artillery battery they were carrying, as well as their ox drawn supply wagons. Their command team was fully aware they had little chances to be there in time -as a matter of fact, the British fleet that would carry them out of the Peninsula was likely about to arrive in port. Just for case, Count Wallis had delivered to them secret orders to be performed in case they were further delayed or prevented to arrive in time. These consisted in... -well, it should better be explained on another day... ;)

Last but not least, the paths of war were approaching their respective locations, due to the ceaseless Catalan pressure on the Two Crowns' columns -who were performing strange withdrawing and splitting-by-the-nationality manoeuvres, as if some kind of disagreement had suddenly emerged between Spaniards and French...

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