Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Rescue (9): river crossing

Ebro river, 27th August 1713

The rescue party had to spent the rest of night in a cave in the Tivissa range buttress closer to Ebro river. Following Mireia's recommendations, they kept a bonfire crackling all night through at the cave entrance, in order to keep the dips away -and they actually could enjoy a quiet night. Lieutenant Barceló thoughtfully observed the young girl was showing surprisingly secure lately, after their thrilling encounter with the monsters. Most of the next day was spent in the cave whereabouts too, discussing plans for river crossing and carefully watching the road at their feet, as well as the close town of Ginestar. Better to let things calm after the night before shootings, they thought.

Later in the afternoon, the group left away the cave safety and descended again to the river bank, searching for an unguarded muleta boat. After an intensive research elapsing for several hours -always careful not to meet any Spanish patrol-, they finally managed to find a half sunken raft, which they managed to repair, and used it to cross Ebro river amidst dusk shadows. After setting foot on the opposite river bank, they sought refuge on the hills close to Miravet town -in whose castle the Cordova Regiment prisoners were held.

They had finally managed to cross the river. It was time for the group to take advantage from the disguising and acting abilities of Canals, to make him get in town and obtain the most information possible about the prisoners and the Spanish garrison. Mireia offered herself to accompany Canals, for she stated to have some useful acquaintances there, and the group agreed -not without some concern for the girl.

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