Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Tarragona countryside, 6th September 1713

After their successful escape from Miravet castle, the rescue team lead by Barceló along with the released Aragonese troopers headed to Tarragona city. Once there, however, they found that instead of a single battalion, now a complete Two Crowns army was surrounding the city. All accesses into Tarragona were now much better monitored, so that they would have no chance to pass unnoticed.

Discouraged, the group retreated back a few miles and sought refuge in a deserted masia farmhouse, not far from Reus town, that would be a good hiding place where they could go unnoticed while the wounded got recovered. In case they were detected, the old building stone walls would make a good defense. Once installed, they quickly organized a few foraging teams, while Canals was dispatched to discretely slip into the streets of the neighboring town of Reus, with the aim of collecting as many pieces of information as possible to help them make a decision.

Canals came back two days later: -Bad news, guys. Spaniards are pressing the Austrian garrison to evacuate Tarragona at the shortest term. Eventually, they've taken over all gates and accesses, placing check points from which they're throroughly checking every trader and peasant getting in and out of town.

-They're in some kind of hurry, then. I bet that Two Crowns' troops will be entering in the city and taking full control over it, even before Imperials can start embarking -Barceló answered thoughtfully.

-However, there might be still a chance for us -Canals replied-. I've been told that Imperials are deliberately extending their stay to allow time for a delayed regiment to arrive in town...

Lanuza then asked: -Are they Bagni regiment? -Canals nodded, so that Lanuza quietly continued: -That makes sense, because they were scattered in the Pyrenees valleys. It would be hard for the Colonel to gather all them at a single place in a short time...

-They are now close to Panadella Heights. They might arrive in here in about 8-10 days, I guess.

-Then let's wait here for them. It might be not so difficult to get intermixed in their ranks and pass through Spanish checkpoints unnoticed, if their Colonel does agree... -Lanuza concluded.

Old Albesa said nothing to this, but his face openly broke into a grimace. He addressed a significant glance at Barceló, who understood and nodded.

[Although strictly following The Rescue RPG storyboard, this scene has not been roleplayed, actually. Situation and actions were discussed by the Game master and players during an Internet chat]

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