Saturday, March 26, 2011

New promotions

Barcelona, 7th September 1713

The Catalan Army Headquarters have just published a decree acknowledging the acceptance of General Josep Moragues offer for leading the Dragoons Regiment No. 4 as Colonel & Owner; and thereafter paying for those supplies and salaries due to that glorious Horse unit, most sadly deprived from their former Colonel Pere de Brichfeus who died in battle -God rest his soul. All current officers and NCOs in the Regiment have been confirmed by General Moragues.

A second decree issued on this same day consists of a listing of commissions affecting several units in the Army and Sea Fusiliers (=Marines) Corps; most outstanding among these, some Lieutenant Colonel promotions that were still pending: Domènec Monistrol in MFR2 Torres', Josep Ortiz in MFR5 St. Vincent Ferrer, Manuel Silvestre in MFR6 Muñoz's, Francesc Puig i Sorribes in MFR11 Town of Berga, and Pau de Thoar in SFR1 Our Lady of Carme.

[Some delay in resolution of this 8th turn is expectable, due to we shall not be able to game the battle of Vilafranca until next April 8-9 weekend; in the meanwhile, allow us to set up-to-date some pending administrative issues, such this one above; or to acknowledge you about events related to our main characters -as it will be read soon]

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