Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Sea Fusiliers Corps

Barcelona, 2nd September 1713

It has been published an Army Headquarters decree ratified by the General Deputation, approving the creation of a new Military Corps under superior command of General Francisco Prado. That new Corps is to be known thereafter as Sea Fusiliers Corps and shall belong to the Navy –although sharing internal structure & organization with Line Infantry. Their uniform shall always be red, and their King's Colours are to be white as for Infantry, albeit with the image of Our Lady of Carme on their obverse instead of that of Our Lady of Conception.

It has also been approved the formation of the 1st Sea Fusiliers Regiment, wearing the name of Our Lady of Carme and under funding of the Traders Guild of Alghero town. It will show sky blue distinctions, and General Prado himself is appointed as its Field Colonel.

It has been published too an agreement for the formation of the 11th Line Infantry Regiment from the local militia of Cardona town. It will be known as Saint Raymond Nonnatus and is to be funded by the Duchy of Cardona treasury –currently administered by the General Deputation. The new regiment will show red orange distinctions. Sir Josep Galceran de Pinós i Rocabertí, marquis of Barberà, is appointed as its Field Colonel with assistance of Sir Ermenter Tarroja as Lieutenant Colonel.

Moreover, it has been approved the formation of three new Mountain Fusiliers Regiments from the respective local militiae. These will be MFR 9 County of Urgell under command of Colonel Francesc Carreu; MFR 10 County of Cerdanya under command of Colonel Joan de Llinàs; and MFR 11 Town of Berga under command of Colonel Joan B. Cortada.

In order to fill the vacancy left by Sir Joan Llinàs at IR 7 Saint Narcissus, it has been promoted Sir Johannes Wahrelst as the new Lieutenant Colonel of that regiment.

Besides, volunteers are asked for promotion to Lieutenant Colonel of the following units: SFR 1, and MFR 2, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10 & 11. Finally, it has also been asked for individuals or Institutions willing to volunteer for providing the necessary funds for the maintenance of DR 4 in replacement of its former Colonel Owner, Sir Pere de Brichfeus, who was sadly died while leading a brave charge against the enemy at Piera Plains.

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