Sunday, April 10, 2011

After battle

Vilafranca del Penedès, 8th September 1713

At yesterday's battle last stages, my gaming mate Jordi and I considered -and our friend Pere, who watched the battle all through, also agreed- , that according to the ruleset used (CF&EO) the Spanish second-in-command wouldn't have been able at first to realize what was happening to their own right wing, because he was leading the Spanish Horse regiments attempt to envelop the Catalans by the left. He wouldn't have any chance to until he was forced to ride back in pursue of some of his men -who fleed after being repulsed by a Mountain Fusiliers battalion entrenched in the stream riparian forest.

By then, deprived of orders from their already captured C-in-C, half the Spanish Infantry had become engaged in a ruthless series of musketry volleys against St. Narcissus and St. Eulàlia IRs. Put face to a larger enemy foot line, who also happened to be more effective thanks to their adopted English firing tactics, we thought it likely that colonels would have soon wisely started a slow retreat, still facing the enemy. This would have given the Second-in-command (an "ad-hoc" promoted officer, in fact) the chance to take the situation reigns and order a south-west withdrawal and by this to save the remnants of his Army.

Spanish artillerymen would have fleed southwards instead, following the road to Tarragona, therefore being easily chased by Nebot's horse troopers. In the meanwhile, the combined Hussars/Dragoons squadrons would have seriously harrassed the withdrawal of the Spanish rightmost foot batallion, thus killing or capturing some of them.

In the end, General Basset would have achieved the Catalan soundest victory so far, reporting some substantial captures: most significant, General Castillo marquis of Villadarias himself, an entire enemy battalion along with all their flags (4 out of Burgos IR's initial 7 figures), the equivalent of a company from Toledo IR 2nd battalion (that is, 1 miniature) and 2 complete artillery batteries. Catalan losses were neglectable (no one miniature at all).

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