Friday, April 01, 2011

King Philip gives up the crown

Madrid, 1st April 1714

According to still unverified news spread by a high rank Spanish officer captured yesterday near Guadalajara, Philip d'Anjou would have abandoned his Royal Palace at Madrid after having abdicated. Along with the remnants of his army, soundly defeated at Calatayud last week, the Bourbon claimant to the throne(s) of Spain would have hurriedly started a general withdrawal to the Portuguese border.

Rumours have arisen about a possible political asylum granted to Him by Portugal, with the only condition that the former Spanish king agreed to get exiled in Goa.

"A too tropical climate for a Bourbon king, I'm afraid" a British officer commented to General Nebot, "We're fairly persuaded His Former Majesty would greet a somewhat colder climate", he continued before ending with an enygmatic "Did you ever hear about Saint Helen island?".

[Happy Fool's Day to you all!]


Bluebear Jeff said...

You got me . . . *grin*.

-- Jeff

Archduke Piccolo said...

The 1st April date was enough to make the item amusingly sus. 'Him' - should that not read 'HIM' that is to say: His Imperial Majesty? Mind you the correct address for the King of Spain, sanctioned by some Pope or other, was His Most Catholic Majesty (HMCM).

Soldadets said...

According to this newly acknowledged news, wouldn't it be a most appropriate address that one of His Most Catholic Former Majesty (HMCFM)?