Monday, April 25, 2011

Turning tide

Barcelona, 11th September 1713

On the last campaign week, Philip d'Anjou's Army has suffered a couple of significant setbacks, that are seriously menacing to become a turning point to His projected pacification of Catalonia. The joint effect of French inhibition and accumulated losses at hands of the stubborn army lead by General Villarroel have turned Two Crowns' initial 3-to-1 superiority into a force no more than equal to that of their enemy. In spite of the brutal retaliations policy performed by King Philip's generals so far, news of the sound defeat of a Spanish Army at Vilafranca town are quickly spreading all through the Principality, causing many citizens to gradually lose their fear of retaliations in the following days... therefore, local population unrest is likely to become again a key factor in a close future.

This 8th turn has been closed by checking again health of Queen Anne of Britain and Queen Maire-Louise of Spain. Dice rolls have determined that both are in good wealth condition, so that no diplomatic changes are expectable from Britain in the next week, and the Princess des Ursins is still enjoying a key role in the Spanish court -so that she still has some chance to change King Philip's stubborn mind on her own profit; for no doubt she's been tempted by the recent proposal of Eugene of Savoy at Rastatt, about a principality for her in Limburg in exchange for Catalan Liberties...

On the Catalan side, the turn is coming over with some additional good news: first of all, in Majorca island, Colonel Corradó has already completed conscription for a new Infantry Regiment, which has been put under protection of Our Lady of Lluc by being given Her name.

Besides, the enlistment posts set by some English prominent whig personalities at Rotterdam have already fructified in two complete new Infantry Regiments: the Irish IR12 Saint Patrick and the English IR13 Queen Catherine. A third regiment is still being built, mainly consisting of Scottish subjects. Once completed, it is expected to be given the name of IR14 Alban Legion.

Not the happiest days at Madrid currently, I'd say.

[Apologies for my long silence. I've been mad busy lately with a self-employment idea, as explained some days ago.]


Jeroen72 said...

As a resident of Rotterdam i can assure everyone: they are fine body of men ;))

Jordi said...

But, did you heard anything about a Dutch regiment to be sent to help the Galatan cause?

Jeroen72 said...

Unfortunately our war-weary Republic will send no official help but i'm sure they will not object to further recruitment through various agents ;)

And the Republic will be happy to offer shipping and arms at favourable prizes ;)

Soldadets said...

...a real pity, Jeroen72! Otherwise we'd maybe found some pretext to propose to the Dutch Republic some kind joint venture in Africa or the Antilles, in exchange for some help on due time... ;)