Friday, April 29, 2011

What's next?

Spanish HQ at Lleida, 12th September 1713

Duke of Popoli had remained silent for a long while, with his eyes fixed on the large campaign map. Then he suddenly turned towards the aide-de-camp discretely behind him:

-Tell me, how far are the reinforcements?

-One or two leagues south of Tortosa city, Sire. They're about. -the man promptly responded.

-...And His Majesty's Spanish Guard?

-Likely arriving in Saragossa this week, Sire. -he answered again.

The Spanish Guard... and their commander, Lord Guillem Ramon IX de Montcada, 6th Marquis of Aitona. "That damned half-Catalan...", he thought to himself, "even more dangerous, if possible, than those facing to us arms at hand...".

In spite his long time away from the Court at Madrid, Duke of Popoli was by no means unaware of the significant influence achieved by the Marquis, thanks to his rank as the most powerful Catalan nobleman in King Philip's service. To his mind, His Majesty would have most likely placed a bid on that influent man to replace him in command, if he showed himself incapable of achieving any war's positive result at the shortest possible while.

-Hum... -Duke of Popoli breathed intensely before talking again: -Now listen to me: this is the plan...


David said...

Good to see the Spanish doing so badly. :-)

I like the look of those (Junior General website?) figures on the maps - very effective!



Soldadets said...

Yes, these figures are from Junior General. I took some advantage to re-design for my own purposes some figures previously delivered to them.