Sunday, May 29, 2011

Gaming on this Imagi-Nation

There's a lot of news this week, none of them straightly related to the 1713 military campaign of Catalonia, but involving some key Catalan/Galatan characters spread all around the Continent instead.

First of all, our well-known plenipotentiary ambassador Marquis de Vilana and the beautiful Monte-Cristan Garde de l'Etrier Claire Baizanville, who had engaged themselves into an uncertain incognito trip to Versailles are about to get submerged in serious troubles around the borders between Comtat Venaissin and Dauphiné. Such is the subject of a new RPG game just started today, again with Marc as game master & plots alchemist, Mònica as Claire Baizanville, Jordi as the veteran soldier Guillem Llinàs (another Jordi, I mean) and myself in the role of our Marquis ;) If any curious, here you are the GURPS character sheets for each one of them:

And secondly, our beloved Lady Elisenda is also to get involved in a rather serious trouble by the Venetian-Austrian border, where she has arrived along with Marquis de Rubí and Count d'Erill, who are Imperial Viceroys of Majorca and Sardinia respectively. All they had been summoned in Vienna by His Imperial & Royal Majesty Archduke Charles for a still unknown purpose. The incident is to involve a personality of a third party: Herr General Ritter Petr Kotrimanic, a Syldavian nobleman in diplomatic mission to Western Mediterranean who is in the way to Vienna too. The adventure involving those characters is to be set as a skirmishing/pulp scenario, aimed to be publicly released for proxy gaming -that is, not to be played by the involved players themselves, but by a volunteering third party instead. Main outlines of such scenario have already been posted at the "Emperor vs Elector" gaming community blog under the title of Proxy skirmish available soon.


abdul666 said...

Whole Monte-Cristo is holding its collective breath!

Best wishes.

Soldadets said...

All I can say after our first gaming session is... no casualties so far! (Can't explain to myself how the hell we saved our skins after that...)

abdul666 said...

More generally... I hope Claire behaves. Well, I think so, but with her I can't be *totally* sure.

Very early in her life, not only she turned irreligious but became deeply allergic to (religious) bigotry; several years in Monte-Cristo only worsened it. Thus, she will be sometimes irritated by religious and psycho-rigid Guillem Llinàs. Of course, her sense of duty will prevent her from disturbing the group. At most, to evacuate the pressure, will she sometimes 'absently' sing obscenities *in English*, specially favorite version of 'Abdul el Bulbul, Emir !' she learned in the New World (and popularized among the Gardes and in the Palace: even the Prince-President is known to have 'sung' / toared it after specially festive dinners); and this in a low voice.

Among Claire's 'Disadvantages & Quirks' you could have listed "Hums / whistles to herself in the most irritating manner when looking for trouble / preparing a misdeed" (taken from Aguirre, actually).
Claire is more than a little adrenalin-addicted, and is tempted to create 'enjoyable excitement' when feeling bored. Emboldened as she is by her murderous record, self-preservation does not worry her enough to restrain her from sparking off 'lively action' (from raising hell, truth to tell) when feeling vacant -so much the more as her philosophy is 'Better one short and merry than a long and sad one' (speaking of *life*, obviously!).
Then in the current circumstances her deep sense of duty -specially when in such 'bodyguard' mission- prevents her from:
- feeling bored: she's permanently on 'Maximum Alert' mode (though not visibly prickly for all that),
- putting the group into jeopardy by indulging selfishly in a little 'entertainment'....

Soldadets said...

Tips transmitted to player... along with the pray, in the name of all Gods of mercy, not to take them into practice :S

Her response has been "I cannot promise anything (while whistling to myself)" (ohhhhhhhhlord)

abdul666 said...

It's so *excellent* to have gaming partners playing their role to the heart! :)

If surprise is not involved and if she has time, Claire also hums / whistles to herself, with odd undulations of 'body language', while assessing the situation before entering close combat, just before turning into a whirlwind of steel. Some say it's totally unconscious, some say it's a vicious trick to fascinate / mesmerize / unsettle her opponents (like the 'dance' of a snake before biting its prey). In practice, both may be true at the same time; herself refuses to comment.


Soldadets said...

To be sincere, I also find it most exciting, although it also means you must leave an increasing number of features or events of your Imagi-Nation into hands of 'third parties'. Nevertheless, such uncertainties become in the end a source of fun too, don't you believe?