Monday, May 23, 2011

Giving up terrain

Spanish HQ, 18th September 1713

On this 10th week, the French Army has kept without any change its policy of leaving the Principality battlefields as discretely as possible, mainly using the Segre valley & Cerdanya County natural corridor, under apprehensive surveillance from the Catalan garrison of Castellciutat fortress.

As a consequence of such withdrawal, Spanish units all along the front line have hurried in closing gaps and reinforcing their weakest positions -such as that one at Montblanc town, where the army recently defeated at Vilafranca had sought refuge. Their own Headquarters at Lleida city have also been reinforced with one of the León IR battalions. Walls and bastions have been repaired here and there, in anticipation of eventual Catalan assaults.

However, Duke of Popoli's provisions might sound a bit exaggerate if having into account the huge reinforcement column just entered in Catalonia by South, consisting of up to 15 Foot & Horse regiments, which had disembarked in Valencia last month, after their evacuation from Sicily following Treaty of Utrecht terms. Or the Spanish Royal Guards fast march down the Ebro valley...

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