Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Horse units merging

Barcelona, 17th September 1713

Today it has been passed a decree by the Catalan Army Headquarters, ordering the merging of two minor mounted units into a single, new Horse Regiment.

Units involved are the Hussars Independent Squadrons on one side, and Captain Badia's own Volunteer Cavalry Company on the other side. After the joint experience gained during the victorious battle of Vilafranca, it has been considered worthy both formations to keep operating as a single unit from now on, that will be assigned the code & name of HR1 - Queen Violant Light Horse Regiment, in memory of the beloved Hungarian princess of that name who became Queen consort of King James I. Orders will be issued shortly providing for the uniforms, equipment and standards adequate for the new Regiment.

[I'm quite doubtful about how to show in my website such evolution of units, having in mind the structure of my Army page. Should I add a new cell under the old one, with a new plate and full text -just as if it was a new regiment? Please any suggestions would be warmly appreciated. Thanks in advance!!] :)


Jeroen72 said...

I would treat it like a new regiment but mention in the text that it was formed from two seperate units.

You could mention it in the text of the old units also

That's how i would do it :)

abdul666 said...

Your army page records the origin(s) of each unit, so it would make sense to mention the merging as a conclusion of the history of each original unit, and add a new cell for the new regiment with a mention of its origin.

Were the two companies of the 'independent squadron' in the same uniform, despite the difference of color of their guidons? Will this uniform be kept for the new regiment? It would make sense, Galatean funds would be more usefully used elsewhere, I suppose.

Pure curiosity, was Badia's VCC uniformed?

Jordi said...
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Jordi said...

Probably real Badia's coy was not uniformed, but we must admit that fictional Badia's coy was not uniformed.

abdul666 said...

On the other hand, since the uniform are unchanged, you could entitle the cell 'Hussars', with the new illustration above but the dates of the independent squadron mentioned in the 'historical' text? But it would not follow the 'normal' pattern of your 'Army' page, with the name & number of the regiment as the title of the cell... No, probably better I think to keep two cells in the 'Light Cavalry' entry?

Soldadets said...

Your comments make sense, men. I'll be trying your suggested option for recording unit changes.

There is actually little evidence on Hussar Squadrons actual uniforms. Otherwise, it is attested that each company had standards in different colours -red and blue. It's easy to deduce that turnback colours might have been he same colour as the standards, according to knowledge on other troop types. But to be sincere, I didn't dare taking my hypothesis that far.

As Jordi says, it's uncertain whether Capt. Badia volunteers were uniformed or not; we assumed they weren't.