Monday, May 09, 2011

In Farnese lands

Piacenza border, 13th September 1713

-This is the border by Piacenza, so we have arrived in Duchy of Parma, Miladies & Milords. Our duty is over at this point where Farnese lands begin.

-Thanks captain -Marquis of Rubí kindly answered. The Genoese officer responded with a military salute and rode back to his column. The detachment turned back after their captain and left the stagecoach by the Duchy customs house. Beyond the border line, an Imperial cavalry detachment was already patiently waiting for them.

-Wow! I was really anxious to leave behind those Genoese... -Fiona Mc Gregor then sighed with relief.

-They were exquisitely courteous with us, Fiona -Lady Elisenda replied in a smile. -At this respect, we should admit the Republic of Genoa has shown a careful neutrality.

-Ohyyyes -Count of Erill whispered. -Yes, the most strict neutrality everybody except France. Something like Monte-Cristo but in reverse -he ironically added in an even quieter voice. The long trip had begun affecting the old Viceroi of Sardinia, who looked pretty tired.

Marquis of Rubí slowly nodded: -Don't worry anymore about Genoa, my friends. Look, from now on we are under the direct protection of His Majesty Emperor Charles -he said, while discreetly pointing to the Imperial detachment waiting for them.

-Wish we don't actually need them -Fiona grumpily murmured, looking out through the rear window: -For that henchmen gang out there have been unceasingly following us from Genoa outskirts...

Lady Elisenda looked where Fiona was pointing towards. True, a group of riders was following them at a safe distance, apparently civilians. Yes, she had noticed them before too. Both girls exchanged a knowing glance. Count of Erill did not realize it, unlike Marquis of Rubi -who nevertheless was unable to guess its cause.

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