Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Preparing a counter-offensive?

Spanish HQ at Lleida, 14th September 1713

This time, moves have been quite numerous and discreet on the Catalan side, so that their background aims are far from evident. Allow me then not to mark all of them on map, because far from offering any help to readers, it would certainly lead to greater confusion instead.

Let's abstract the perceived intentions of Catalan moves, from the point of view of the Spanish HQ at Lleida. The most significant and threatening move is that of Marquis of Poal at North, who has placed his army intercepting the road to France as well as menacing the lower valley of Segre river. Forces under his command are just consisting of 2 Line Infantry battalions, 1 Mountain Fusiliers regiment and 1 Dragoons regiment; but a supplementary force has just arrived from East in Cardona fortress -and this consists of infantry and dragoons, 1 regiment of each. Besides, the bulk of a second Mountain Fusiliers regiment is closing to the Marquis column from North-west.

General Bellver's army in Central Front have also been delivered reinforcements from rearguard -mainly consisting of the prestiged St. George Cavalry Regt. under command of General De Ramon. Last but not least, the army of Generals Basset and Nebot at South has been also reinforced from Barcelona in some degree: 2 independent companies of Horse and Miquelets and 2 companies of artillerists -with the mission to take charge on the recently captured Spanish batteries.

Apart from those above, there has been a good number of lesser moves behind the Catalan front line, whose ultimate purpose is completely unknown to Spanish leaders. A generally most accepted interpretation is that Catalan HQ are preparing some kind of units re-organization.

However, not all Catalan rearguard operations are of a minor nature; it's just that the Spanish HQ deeply ignores their existance: A large force consisting of British volunteers under Catalan service have just sailed from Rotterdam harbour. Their destination: Gibraltar, seemingly.

Even more worrying, if such is possible: a spy in Barcelona HQ has just reported that General Villarroel ordered a detailed map of the neighbouring Kingdom of Aragon.

Would you believe that those foolish Catalans might perhaps be considering a counter-offensive outside their borders?


abdul666 said...

Even if there is a part of 'desinformation', as a whole sounds good for Galatea...

Soldadets said...

I'm sincerely persuaded Duke of Popoli usually tends to get more nervous than reasonable... especially if having into account Spanish own expected reinforcements!!

MurdocK said...

slightly of topic, last November you had a proxy battle available:


did you still want that game played?

Soldadets said...

MurdocK, that battle was already fought by another group of gamers, but every turn we use to have some, so that anytime I can prepare something for you.

When are you expecting to have a gaming season?