Friday, May 20, 2011

Ready for a new episode

18th September 1713

Everything is ready for a new turn, intended to cover the 10th week of campaigning for the subjugation of the Principality of Catalonia.

A growing French inhibition in the campaign and a sound Catalan victory at Vilafranca -a key town lying halfway between Tarragona and Barcelona- have jointly altered dramatically the balance of forces at frontline, so that King Philip's armies in the Principality seem to have lost any initial superiority -either numerical or strategic.

However, nobody should get fooled by such a partial image -for Spain is still far from having committed all of the historical forces actually employed in the campaign, which eventually got up to half their total military strength: 68 out from nearly 120 regiments!!

If watched from a more global perspective (i.e. joining Catalonia and Aragon maps, see image below), the still huge unbalance of forces becomes quite more apparent. Worth to note the column currently halted at Saragossa, consisting of most of the elite Horse & Foot Spanish Royal Guards, which are on their way towards the Principality.

Not to talk about the dense columns about to enter Catalonia from Valencia! Therefore, even abandoned by their French allies, Spain is still far from having definitely lost their chances to prevail... as long as King Philip's will keeps strong.

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abdul666 said...

Meaning that diplomacy is essential, and that more is to be obtained from France than a quasi-neutrality. For instance, a strong support to the Princessa de los Ursinos 'lobbying' for peace in exchange of a Wallon independent Principality; but her influence will no survive the death of the Queen.

France has certainly no direct view on Galatea: for ages its politic is to reach 'natural borders', and the Pyrenees are perfect. Even if the party of Philippe d'Orleans is mentally ready for 'the War of the Quintuple Alliance', an independent, not too hostile, Galatea as buffer state and possible entrance into the Peninsula is by far preferable to the burden of military occupation and the hostility it generates.
Now, an independent Walloon Principality under a French ruler as a 'glacis' facing the Austrian Netherlands, *that* would interest Versailles...