Sunday, May 15, 2011

Unexpected encounter

Tarragona road, 15th September 1713

-Here, Colonel Sir, it's here! -said one of the scouts while waving to the rider galloping towards them.

Colonel Bagni dismounted before the horse had completely stopped; still holding the reins, he closed to his scouts and looked in the direction they were pointing towards.

-Can you see them, Sir?

Of course he could see them! They were no more than 200 paces away and had made no effort to get behind any cover... They were a handful of two, maybe three dozens of ragged soldiers standing by the road. Some of them were keeping something similar to a loose formation, while many others were simply sitting on the grass or under the low trees of that region. One might guess they were deserters, but... so many at a time?

Colonel Bagni was still observing that odd group of men, who in spite of obviously having noticed him made no effort to hide or run away, when the bulk of his own Regiment closed to the position where he was. Fearing some kind of stratagem from that odd gang, Bagni ordered a couple of companies of his Regiment to deploy just behind him, before making himself visible and interpellating in an authoritative voice:

-HEY YOU MEN! I amb Colonel Bagni of His Majesty Emperor Charles VI Army! On His behalf, I formally warn you to identificate yourselves!

Al elder man in the gang, apparently some kind of officer, started advancing some steps towards Bagni's ranks, followed by a second one who was carrying a long staff with a rolled piece of cloth on top. When they got halfway, the second man developed the cloth. It resulted to be a crimson standard, like those of Imperial Horse units... Even before the emissaries started speaking, Colonel Bagni had already noticed the Kingdom of Aragon coat of arms proudly displayed on the obverse. Deeply emoted, he then exclaimed:

-God bless you men! Do you belong to Córdova's Regiment, don't you?

On the evening, the Regiment arrived by the perimeter the Two Crowns had set around Tarragona city. At an agreed signal, the Aragonese men merged into the ranks of Bagni's Italians. From his saddle, Colonel Bagni loudly gave the order:

-Colours flying!! Drums beating!! Gentlemen, I want you to be their envy!!

Bagni's Regiment marched undisturbed through the Spanish and French campsites and trenches, silently followed by thousands of glances. The gates of Tarragona opened wide to those newly arrived, and a crowd soon gathered all long Main Street to cheer them -as if they'd just come from winning a battle. Joy became unleashed euphoria when it was known the Aragonese heroes of Tivissa were among them.

Old Teresa, who happened to pass at that very same moment, could hardly believe what her eyes were showing to her. Among the ranks of stout, fierce-looking Imperials she distinguished the delicate, fragile silhouette of a well-known girl, happily marching along with them:



Both women rushed to each other, in a chorus of laughing and tears.


abdul666 said...

Welcome back, Mireia! Even if it is only to a besieged town...

Soldadets said...

To be honest, I'd rather prefered her to stay outside the old town, just as the Miquelets Pere J. Barceló and Ramon Albesa have actually done...

But the Game Master of proxy-gamed "The Rescue" RPG adventure determined that Mireia would keep the promise to her relatives about being back, due to her sense of duty towards them.

So that (sadly to me) I've re-introduced her into the city (under protection of an entire Imperial Infantry regiment, just for case).

Marc said...

When we translated the characteristics of Mireia to game parameters following the narrative clues given in Defiant Principality about the character, we choose for her the GURPS “Sense of Duty” Disadvantage, understanding this “duty” as an obligation towards her family. This is not a “deterministic” fact. The player can choose to try to avoid the “Sense of Duty” Disadvantage through a Willpower roll, so, acting against the conscience of his/her character. As a Game Master of the adventure, I decided to control Mireia as a Non Player Character in the two game sessions of the adventure “The Rescue”. It seemed reasonable to avoid the Willpower roll and allow Mireia to come back with her family in Tarragona.

So, be happy, dear Lluis. Defiant Principality has generated enough interest to gain proxy-players. Now you must enjoy the paradox of the creator. Some of the your characters has gained “free will”… ;)

Jeroen72 said...

A triumphal entry is always good for morale but now what??