Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Unexpected passage

Tarragona, 21st September 1713

He had no trouble in finding Mireia. As he imagined, the courageous girl was at Santa Clara Convent again, deeply concentrated on her mother's procedures for preparing plasters and ointments. Mireia warmly smiled when noticed Blasco Copons was closing to them, but then she realized the gallant Aragonese officer seemed deeply worried by something.

-Blasco, what's the matter? You seem a bit gloomy... -she asked.

-Mireia, you and your relatives should pack your belongings. Our troops are about to complete embarkment, and the Two Crown's Army is about to get inside city.

The young girl looked sadly at him: -Blasco, we've argued about this before. I knew this would happen, but this was my choice. If I wouldn't meet my relatives, I'd simply chosen to stay outside, just as Barceló and Albesa did.

He impatiently answered: -No Mireia, you cannot stay in Tarragona, you know. Now listen to me, I've been able to make some arrangements with the captain of an English vessel, who will gladly allow you to embark for safety. You and your relatives.

Mireia skeptically raised an eyebrow: -Gladly, you say...?

Blasco burst out laughing: -OK, I needed some help to persuade him... just an entire case of Somontano wine!!

-Good, good... -she quickly replied- But, what are we expected to do at Naples, where you're going to?

-No Mireia, I don't expect you to go that far -he said- For it happens that this very same ship is carrying our Regiment, and it is scheduled for her to stop at Majorca... to disembark us there!

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Relieving news indeed!