Monday, June 13, 2011

Uniforms issue

Barcelona, 23rd September 1713

News about the ambush on the Catalan Legacy in Carniola would last some time yet to arrive in Catalonia; so that all activity was still devoted to improving their own army and defences against a likely new Spanish offensive before Winter.

For instance, at their arrival in Barcelona escorting the Spanish soldiers captured at Vilafranca battle, officers and troopers of the former Brichfeus Dragoons knew to their joy that General Moragues -new owner of their regiment- had already provided for a complete set of uniforms for the unit, as well as brand new flags.


abdul666 said...

Flamboyant, with the black guidon adding a fitting touch of grimness.

Jeroen72 said...

Though i liked the brown/ yellow uniforms this looks very dashing ;)