Thursday, July 07, 2011

Skirmish at Tàrrega

Tàrrega, 29th September 1713

Caught by suprise by the lightning move of Marquis of Poal's forces, a small pro-Bourbon column consisting of a few squadrons of Spanish Dragoons and a battalion of Catalan botifler Mountain Fusiliers was engaged on that day close to Tàrrega town, before they had time enough to leave for Lleida city as they planned.

Severely outnumbered by Marquis of Poal's column, which was formed by 2 Line Infantry regiments supported by 2 Mountain Fusiliers Battalions and 2 Dragoons regiments at their flanks, the smaller force had no possibilities if they tried a stand. As perceived by the Spanish commanders, their only chance was withdrawing and so they tried. However, unbalance of forces worked against them during the retreat, so that the unfortunate botiflers were soon left behind by the Spanish horse and suffered heavy losses at hands of the mounted pro-Charles nationals pursuing them -as a result, not less than 3 companies were lost as casualties, deserters or prisoners. The rest of the Spanish column managed to arrive in Cervera town, were they hurriedly prepared themselves for a last stand.

As for the rest of Two Crowns' moves in this last week of September, the French Army continued their withdrawal under truce flags, thus leaving the Spaniards alone in their recently gained city of Tarragona. Everywhere Duke of Popoli's forces kept frantically improving defences while awaiting the new Commander-in-Chief to come.

[We felt tempted for a while to convert this small battle into a proxy scenario, but we guessed the overwhelming unbalance of forces would make it a quite unpleasant game for the Spanish player, so that in the end we've given up. Next turn, maybe]

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