Monday, July 04, 2011

Troubled journey (1)

A new proxy RPG adventure set in the Principality

This is our second proxy-gamed RPG adventure, which is still being played. Under the title of "Troubled journey" you'll find from now on the narration of the adventures of Marquis de Vilana and Claire Baizanville, during their long journey from Monte-Cristo to Versailles. The gaming group is using a variant of GURPS ruleset as usual, and consists of 3 players, directed by Marc. This one happens to be a key episode in our Imagi-Nation's birth story, so that I'll try to keep all you properly informed about it on due time -with my poor English, as usual.


Still confused and painfully panting, Marquis de Vilana raised himself under the heavy rain to the middle of the road. After resuming his breath, he looked at the stagecoach driver who was struggling to keep the carriage in a precarious balance. The back hooves of both rear horses were kicking outside the path, and all four beasts were blowing nervously while barely endured the heavy vehicle, that had got hanging upon a marked slope. The stagecoach shaft then suddenly crackled, and the Marquis expected in fright the worse to happen. However, a desperate last pull by the exhausted horses drove the carriage into the road again, under the whip and curses of the driver -no other than Llinàs, the most veteran of his two conveniently disguised escort soldiers.

To their left, a shredded tree was still steaming. A lightning. A damned lightning! For a moment he felt immensely angry, frustrated by the bad luck ceaseless accompanying them all long the journey, about to gaving in to discouragement. Just for a moment. Once it passed, the experimented diplomat in him prevailed, along with his pragmatism. The Marquis then closed to Llinàs, who reported to him: -Shaft is broken, Sire; but it can be repaired at the next town. Only that we'll have to follow with greater care than usual. I might ride one of the leading horses while Josep (the other soldier) sits on the driver's seat.

Then they realized Josep was no longer with them. Concerned, Claire Baizanville and the Marquis shouted his name through the heavy rain. Had he suffered any injury in the accident? After a long while, their callings obtained a weak response at last. The young man climbed up the slope with evident difficulty. His right arm had got severely injured -maybe broken. Claire and Vilana introduced the young man into the stagecoach to examine his arm, while Llinàs remained outside, still inspecting the vehicle in search for eventual further damages.

Suddenly, the veteran soldier perceived by the corner of the eye some movement on the road: The figures of three riders wrapped in their cloaks gradually outlined amidst the persistent downpour, as they slowly approached to them. Keeping them permanently in sight, Llinàs knocked at the stagecoach door and afterwards hurried to align the vehicle with the road, freeing the passage. Nevertheless, he didn't stop looking for any hint of threat from those riders even for a moment.


Jeroen72 said...

Better keep the pistols loaded and ready...

abdul666 said...

It's not "between the devil and the deep blue sea" but "facing the devil AND the deep blue sea"! A bummer never strikes alone: the 3rd Low of Thermodynamics, that of 'maximum bumper in Nature' -a generalization of Murphy's Law.
But... lightning or sabotage? One has to be paranoid.
Then I'm sure Claire is not disarmed as Fiona was...